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Do I need to use the HLx5 needle style?

Q. I just bought a new machine (you can never have too many of them), the Babylock Jane high-speed sewing machine, with the intention of quilting on a frame and would like to buy some needles that can handle the tension and speed. When I read the manual, it states that this machine is to use the HLx5 needle style. I've heard good things about Superior's titanium-coated topstitch needles and want to try them in my machine. Do you have an HLx5 version of your needles that I can use in my new machine?

Superior's titanium-coated topstitch needles

A. The HLx5 needle style is a home machine needle (it has a flat shank) which has been designed to stitch through heavy fabric and leather. It has a unique tapered shape to it, which helps form good stitches while stitching very fast (1,500+ stitches per minute). If you are not planning on sewing on thick fabric at that high rate of speed in your new Baby Lock Jane sewing machine, our titanium-coated Topstitch needles will be a great needle for you to use. Our needles are fantastic for piecing and quilting and they're coated with a thin layer of titanium-nitride which makes the needle much more abrasion resistant than regular home machine needles, helping them last up to six times longer than standard nickel-plated needles.

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