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Learn about the MR needle

When comparing home machine needles to longarm needles, there is quite a difference in regards to the needle style, designation, point, scarf, groove, and shaft. It's difficult to draw an even comparison since all home machines are based on flat-shanked needles and longarm machines use many different styles of needles depending on the brand of the machine.

Why is this important? If an incorrect needle style is used on your longarm machine, your stitches won't be correct and the incorrect needle could also affect your timing due to the wrong length or scarf of the needle. But don't fret about this, we've made it very easy to find the right needle by organizing our longarm needles by machine brand. An easy way to remember what needle style your machine uses is to tape the package of needles to the back or side of your machine. Double-sided tape or a sticky tab on the back of the needle pack will keep the needle package adhered to your machine for easy reference.

We use, recommend, and sell Groz-Beckert longarm needles for longarm machines. We use these needles in many different brands of longarm needles (we've had a dozen different brands of longarm machines in our office for testing) and love the stitch quality that these needles produce.

MR needles from Groz-Beckert

MR needles from Groz-Beckert

Close-up view of a Groz-Beckert longarm needle

Close-up view of a Groz-Beckert longarm needle

Our favorite needle style from Groz-Beckert is the MR needle. MR stands for Multi Range (also known as SAN: Special Application Needle) which was created for the textile industry, more specifically, the MR needle style was developed for automated sewing processes with multidirectional feeding systems, e.g. a longarm machine.

Key features that make the MR needle style our top choice are:

  • Better stability while stitching at high speed.
  • Specially formed eye to allow fewer skipped stitches.
  • Longer life (more stitches) due to the advanced shape.
  • With its special blade and scarf geometry, the Groz-Beckert MR needle offers outstanding bending resistance (deflection resistance), giving it extreme stability.
  • A deep and extended scarf that permits extremely tight adjustment of the bobbin hook to the needle.
  • The deep thread groove, extending also into the eye area, provides optimum protection of the thread.

With the naked eye, it is hard to tell a difference between needles. But when you are stitching at 500 to 2,000 stitches per minute, you can definitely tell when you have a good needle or a bad needle. The MR style needle is also available with a titanium-coating in several needle styles (available for most longarm machine brands). This takes an excellent needle platform and adds more value as a thin layer of titanium-coating keeps your point sharper, and extends the life of your needle by at least six times.

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