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Can I use Superior's Topstitch needles to sew on denim?

Q. I sew on a Janome 8900 machine and want to stitch on denim fabric. Part of this project has tailoring and hemming and I'd also like to make one of those really cute jean quilts that have grown in popularity. My question for you is, can I use your Superior Topstitch needles for sewing on denim, both with tailoring and quilting, or do I need to use a specific denim needle style? I've had great luck with your needles on quilting with cotton fabrics and would prefer to use the same type of needle if possible (you know how us quilters don't like to change! haha!!).

Denim fabric with topstitching
A pair of denim jeans with decorative topstitching
Superior Topstitch Needles
Superior's Topstitch Needles

A. If you are topstitching or sewing (garment construction) on denim fabric (the thickness of denim jeans), our Topstitch needles will perform well. A few traits we love about the Topstitch needle style are the larger eye and deep grove. The large eye accommodates thicker threads and helps reduce friction, reducing thread breakage and shredding. The light-sharp point will penetrate tightly-woven denim fabric without tearing the fibers. However, there is a word of caution to this scenario. If you are stitching heavy-duty seams on denim fabric, such as the french seam used for edges on pants, a denim needle will be more applicable. The denim needle has a very sharp point and a slender shaft which cuts through densely woven fabric like denim and canvas easily. If you are using a heavier weight denim fabric with a dense, tight weave, it may be more beneficial to use a denim needle too.

It's also a good idea to start out stitching at a slower speed so you can gauge how well the thread, needle, and fabric combination performs on your home sewing machine.

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