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Embroidery Machine Thread

embroidery machine threadSuperior Threads carries many different types of thread, including sewing thread, quilting thread, embroidery machine thread, and more!

We produce and sell various types of embroidery machine thread to make sure our customers get the best. If you are doing machine embroidery for yourself, you can relax, knowing that quality embroidery machine thread is being used to complement your project. If you are embroidering for others, your clients will be pleased to know only embroidery machine thread with the utmost quality is being used for their work.

The embroidery machine thread industry is large and we recognize the importance of using a quality thread. Although common industry practice is to use cheap, low-quality thread for machine embroidery, Superior Threads only sells embroidery machine thread meeting rigorous quality standards. Nearly anyone can provide a low-priced thread by simply reducing quality or customer service; however, Superior Threads chooses to compete solely on the two aspects of quality and service. Our embroidery machine thread products may cost somewhat more than those of competitors, but we are confident you will experience the best service and highest product quality possible. And that’s something money can’t always buy!

Large Variety of Embroidery Machine Thread from Superior

We sell embroidery machine thread in polyester, metallic and other types. We even have embroidery machine thread that glows in the dark or changes colors in the sun! Our embroidery machine thread is available in many beautiful, eye-catching colors that will help brighten and draw attention to your embroidery work.

The following product lines can be used for embroidery machine thread:

Our staff is available 5 days per week to answer any questions you may have about our embroidery machine thread. Give us a call at 800-499-1777 or send us an e-mail to We always appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers!

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