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Fly Tying Thread

Fly Tying Thread Superior Threads has been involved in creating and carrying threads for the quilting, embroidery, industrial, apparel, and sewing industry since 1998. Known for high-quality threads and excellent customer service, Superior Threads has been an industry leader for many lines of thread.

Fly tying thread or fly fishing thread entails several lines which Superior Threads currently produces. For shiny fishing flies that reflect light well, Glitter Hologram Thread is a wonderful choice. Because Glitter Hologram is a 4-ply mylar film, it is 40% stronger than other hologram or tinsel-type fly fishing threads on the market which are only 2-ply. The 4-ply structure allows for less stretch when tying flies. Available on convenient 400 yd. spools and in 24 color options.

Silk threads are commonly used to tie flies due to the fineness that the fiber offers and the superior strength of the fiber. Silk is the strongest natural fiber and has a beautiful sheen to it due to its light reflection. Superior Threads carries several lines of 100% pure Japanese Silk from a thick #16 to a fine #100, available in hundreds of colors.  The most common Silk used for tying flies is our Kimono #100 Silk thread.  It is a 90 denier thread and can be used for flies from #16-24.

New to tying flies? First, decide on what type of fly you want to tie. There are many types of flies to select from and each type will use fly tying thread in a specific manner. Popular flies to tie are dry flies, wet flies, nymph flies, and streamer flies. Once the fly is chosen, decide on the color theme for the fly.

Select a silk thread depending on how thick the desired thickness of each individual wrap (#100 Kimono Silk is the most popular due to its fineness). After the silk thread has been wrapped around the fly, take Glitter Hologram and wrap around the desired area. Focus on wrapping the Glitter in specific areas such as the eyes, or around the middle of the fly where a reflection of light is wanted.

Kimono #100 Silk Thread for Tying Flies

With your completed fly, all that is left is to catch fish! (We guarantee our thread to be wonderful, but make no guarantees that using a fly tied with Superior Threads will catch you fish.)

Glitter Hologram Thread for Fly Fishing Kimono Silk Thread for Fly Fishing