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Don't know if you have already considered any of these ideas, but I was thinking...

1. It would be nice if you offered a tabletop or wall-hung cone thread holder...and a spool holder, too, come to think of it.

2. It would also be nice if, on all your thread products, you were able to show on each product's main page the cost per yard for each size spool/cone and different quantities of prewound bobbins.
I often "talk" myself into buying a bigger size after comparing the per-yard costs, but this involves a lot of back-and-forthing from one page to another, and busy work with my calculator and pencil. It would really be handy if I could see this info as soon as I clicked on, for instance, the "Bottom Line" page; then I could click on the size that interested me.

3. Is there any "good" way to store multiple packages of different-size machine needles? It would be nice to have some sort of box or holder where the needles could be neatly stored by size. This would make it much easier both the find the desired size, and to know which size(s) needed to be re-ordered.

Thanks for considering my ideas!
Re: ideas

1. A tabletop cone holder is on the way.
2. We will work on that. A great idea.

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