Glow-in-the-dark Thread

Superior Threads is a recognized supplier of apparel, industrial, quilting, and sewing threads. With an emphasis on high-quality products (the best thread you will ever use) and customer service, Superior has been internationally recognized as a key player in the thread and sewing industries.

One of our popular specialty thread types is glow-in-the-dark thread. We have two different types of threads that glow in the dark. An embroidery and quilting thread and a heavy-duty upholstery thread. Thread that glows in the dark is a combination of many products in a single, sewable thread. High quality glow-in-the-dark threads will be made from a synthetic polymer, such as polyester. Low quality threads will consist 100% of polypropylene. If a glow-in-the-dark thread is solely made from polypropylene, it will be weak and untwist easily. Both of our thread lines that glow in the dark, NiteLite and SewGlow, are made of a type of polyester polymer.

NiteLite is fantastic for use in a home sewing machine, embroidery machine, and longarm quilting machine. It is made from a mixture of polypropylene and Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). This mixture allows for the glowing pigment to be impregnated into the fibers and retain excellent stitch qualities such as elongation and recovery when stretched. Our NiteLite thread is one of the best glowing threads in the industry due to its ability to illuminate brightly for 10 minutes. The glowing effect will slowly fade until it can no longer be seen in darkness (there will be some glow even after 6 hours). There are no special lights required to charge the thread. Simply hold the cone or spool of NiteLite glow thread up to any light for one minute and the thread will do all the work! NiteLite glow in the dark thread is not an injection dye; meaning the thread is not created, wound, and then injected with the special glowing agent. There will be no flaking of the glowing pigment while you stitch. This allows for a lengthier glow time and a more durable thread since the glowing agent can't be rubbed off the thread.

Embroidery design with glow-in-the-dark thread
Embroidered jellyfish design with NiteLite
SewGlow glow in the dark thread
Decorative stitching with SewGlow on a motorcycle seat

SewGlow is a bonded polyester thread that is also injection dyed with glowing pigment. It has been designed to be sewn in upholstery fabric, leather, costumers, and other types of thick material. SewGlow is too thick to be sewn in a home machine or longarm machine. We recommend NiteLite for these machines, whether you are sewing, quilting, or embroidering. If you sew on an industrial sewing machine and want to add a unique take to furniture, automotive interiors, holsters, belts, and more, SewGlow is a fantastic thread to use.

To get the best glowing effect from either of our glow-in-the-dark threads, we recommend that a dense fill stitch or multiple outline stitches be sewn where the glowing effect is wanted. A single meandering stitch won't be as obvious because the area it covers is small compared to a dense fill stitch. You will see a much bolder glow if you can place more thread in a smaller area.

Our glow -in-the-dark threads are popular for: halloween, children's pajamas and pillowcases (embroidery), quilting, upholstery embellishment and anywhere where you want the glowing effect to appear. They can be recharged over and over again by exposing the thread to the light. The threads can be laundered on a delicate setting and are dryer safe on low heat.

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