Groz-Beckert FFG Point #16 (MR 3.5) Non-Titanium Coated Needles.

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Needles for longarm machines (except A-1). Groz-Beckert #16 (MR 3.5). Pack of 10 needles.
Groz-Beckert 134 MR = 134 SAN 11 is specifically made for multi-directional use, which is exactly what longarm machines need. (Old packaging included 134 SAN 11, New packaging will not, but the needles are the same.)

Multi-directional design means more accurate stitching while moving the machine is any direction.
Extra strength means maximum flexibilty and bending.
Deep scarf prevents skipped stitches, less puckering, and less thread breakage.

Use with: 
So Fine #50

See Groz-Beckert's brochure explaining needle styles and points

See List of Thread on Longarm Thread Reference Guide

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