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Hand Quilting Thread from Superior Threads

hand quilting threadWhen hand quilting, it is important to have a hand quilting thread that is high-quality and reflects the time and effort devoted to your quilt.

When choosing a hand quilting thread, you need to understand what to look for in a hand quilting thread. Some people believe that any thread can be used as a hand quilting thread, but this is not the case. Just as each stitch has a specific purpose, each thread has a specific use. Using a wrong hand quilting thread can result in frustration and headaches.

Hand quilting thread is designed for the purpose of hand quilting. That sounds obvious, but it is sometimes overlooked. Hand quilting thread has a special coating on the thread for added strength and smoothness. This simple feature will make your hand quilting much more enjoyable.  Hand quilting thread should not be used in sewing machines for two reasons: First, hand quilting thread isn’t designed for sewing machine use. Remember what we said about choosing the right thread for the right purpose? Second, the coating applied to hand quilting thread can rub off in your needle and sewing machine contact points, resulting in “gumming” up your machine.

Superior Threads carries a wonderful hand quilting thread called Treasure. Treasure hand quilting thread is a #30/3-ply thread made with 100% extra-long staple coated cotton. It is a durable thread, and comes in 25 beautiful colors. Most colors are tone-on-tone colors, and there are some variegated colors. We guarantee that our hand quilting thread will work great for your quilting project!


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