Superior inventory lists

Keep track of your personal thread stash by filling out our inventory list templates. You can download the templates individually or download the entire collection.

All thread lines in a single file

Download full file in XLS  (Separated by thread type)

Download full file in XLS  (All items together) (Revised April 2012)

Individual thread lines

XLS   Art Studio Colors

XLS   Bonded Nylon

XLS   Bottom Line

XLS   Color Cards

XLS    Fantastico

XLS   Glitter

XLS   Halo

XLS   King Tut #1

XLS   King Tut #2

XLS   Living Colors

XLS    Magnifico

XLS   MasterPiece

XLS   Metallics

XLS   MicroQuilter

XLS   Misc. #1 (SunBurst, NiteLite, MonoPoly, Vanish, Charlotte's Fusible Web, and Snippers)

XLS   Misc. #2 (Texture Magic, needles, Dissolve, Dissolve-4x, Handy Nets, thread stands, Machingers gloves, and  thread storage)

XLS   Nature Colors


XLS   Polyarn

XLS    Quilters Silk

XLS   Rainbows

XLS   Razzle Dazzle

XLS    Sergin' General

XLS    Sew Sassy

XLS    Silk Floss

XLS   Kimono Silk

XLS   Silk Ribbon

XLS   So Fine #30

XLS   So Fine #40

XLS   So Fine 50 #1

XLS   So Fine 50 #2

XLS    Solar Guard

XLS   SuperBOBs

XLS    Tiara Silk

XLS    Tire Silk #30

XLS    Tire Silk #50

XLS    Twist

XLS   Treasure

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