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Bonded and Spun Kevlar® Thread

  • Strong
  • High heat tolerance

Why Choose Kevlar®?

We sell Bonded

DuPont Kevlar® thread and Spun Kevlar® threads in a total of seven thicknesses for all types of commercial and industrial sewing. Kevlar® thread has become known for many advantageous properties. First, Kevlar® thread is typically more than twice as strong as polyester or nylon threads. Second, Kevlar® thread has very little stretch, which helps hold a very tight seam. Third, Kevlar® thread has a very high heat tolerance and does not melt like other fibers. Instead, Kevlar® thread decomposes around 930 °F.

Kevlar® thread is used in applications where high-heat resistance is needed and where strength is an added plus. Some applications of Kevlar® thread are fire suits, racing gear, tactical gear, mattresses, and much more.

We recommend sewing with Bonded Kevlar® thread when strength is the primary requirement. A thin resin coats the Kevlar® fibers and helps keep the thread from fraying when sewing at high speeds. Bonded Kevlar® is available in its natural yellow color in four different thicknesses: #69 (Tex 70), #92 (Tex 90), #207 (Tex 210), and #346 (Tex 350). We can special order bonded Kevlar® thread in size 138 (Tex 135), but do not stock this size.

Sergin' General serger thread Sergin' General serger thread
Sergin' General Polyester Serger Thread

Due to the amazing characteristics of bonded Kevlar® thread, it is not a cheap thread and costs significantly more than bonded nylon or bonded polyester threads. However, with bonded Kevlar® thread, you get very high heat resistance and incredible tensile strength.

Spun Kevlar® has the high heat tolerance of Kevlar® but does not have the strength of Bonded Kevlar® thread. They method that spun Kevlar® is made into a sew-ready thread is very different than a filament Kevlar® fiber that is bonded.

Kevlar® put-up and tensile strength:

  • Bonded Kevlar® #69
    • 3,350 yds./cone, .008"/.25 mm diameter, and 23 lbs breaking strength.
  • Bonded Kevlar® #92
    • 2,500 yds./cone, .014"/.29 mm diameter, and 45 lbs breaking strength.
  • Bonded Kevlar® #207
    • 1,050 yds./cone, .018"/.46 mm diameter, and 64 lbs breaking strength.
  • Bonded Kevlar® #346
    • 525 yds./cone, .026"/.65 mm diameter, and 124 lbs breaking strength.
  • Spun Kevlar® Tex 40
    • Approx. 6,000 yds./cone and 5 lbs breaking strength.
  • Spun Kevlar® Tex 60
    • Approx. 6,000 yds./cone and 6 lbs breaking strength.
  • Spun Kevlar® Tex 80
    • Approx. 6,000 yds./cone and 8 lbs breaking strength.

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