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Kevlar Thread

Superior Threads Kevlar® Thread

Superior Threads offers Kevlar® thread for various industrial uses. Kevlar thread has become known for many advantageous properties. First, Kevlar thread is usually more than twice as strong as polyester or nylon threads. Second, Kevlar thread has extremely little or no stretch, which helps hold a very tight seam. Third, Kevlar thread does not melt like other fibers. Instead, Kevlar thread decomposes around 800 degrees Fahrenheit (or 426 degrees Celcius).

Kevlar thread is used in applications where high-heat resistance is needed and where strength is an added plus. Some applications of Kevlar thread are fire suits, racing gear, tactical gear, mattresses, and much more.

Our Kevlar thread is bonded to help keep the thread from fraying when sewing at high speeds. Available in its natural color, we offer 4 different sizes: 69 (Tex 70), size 92 (Tex 90), size 207 (Tex 210), and size 346 (Tex 350). We can special order bonded Kevlar thread in size 138 (Tex 135).

Due to the amazing characteristics of bonded Kevlar thread, it is not a cheap thread and costs significantly more than bonded nylon or bonded polyester threads; however, with bonded Kevlar thread, you get very high heat resistance and incredible thread strength.

Due to the inherent costs to make bonded Kevlar thread, we understand the price may be difficult if only a small amount of thread is needed. For that reason, Superior Threads sells Kevlar by the foot for projects which require an amount less than a full cone. 

3,350 yds.
.008"/.25 mm
23 lbs.
2,500 yds.
.014"/.29 mm
45 lbs.
1,050 yds.
.018"/.46 mm
64 lbs.
525 yds.
.026"/.65 mm
124 lbs.


You can purchase our bonded Kevlar thread products on our website. If you have questions about our bonded Kevlar thread, you can contact us via e-mail at or via phone at 1-800-499-1777.

**NEW! We now offer a black spun Kevlar also!"**

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont™