King Tut Spools - Sue Nickels Set B

Set of 12 spools of Sue Nickels tone-on-tone colors of King Tut. Includes colors:

902 - Stone Age
903 - Lapis Lazuli
909 - Egypsy Rose
920 - Sands of Time
926 - Red Sea
946 - Rubiyah
948 - Crushed Grapes
982 - Sunstone
988 - Oasis
990 - Green Olives
996 - Sphinx
997 - Alabaster

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  • Fiber: Cotton

Superior Star

Joanne Baeth

Joanne loves to recreate beautiful nature scenes with thread painted fiber art. She often goes to great lengths to ensure her thread painting mirrors what she sees.

King Tut is Joanne's favorite thread because it is strong, smooth, and extremely low lint. The predictable one-inch color change allows her to perfectly paint each delicate leaf and blade of grass.

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Joanne Baeth

Best Wall Quilt
First Place Pictorial

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