Magnifico Display Most Popular Set Of 50 Colors X 4 Spools Each. Includes 50-Slot Rack(8512-W), Header, and all 4 Stickers.

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  • Thread Weight: 40 wt./2-ply
  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Thread Characteristics: High-sheen appearance creates bold, visible stitches
  • Additional Info: High-strength trilobal polyester thread


  • Recommended For: Quilting, embroidery and decorative stitching


Magnifico Display. Most Popular Set of 50 Colors x 4 spools each. Includes 50-slot display rack (8512-W), header, and stickers. Magnifico is a high tenacity (strength), high sheen trilobal filament polyester. Ideal for Quilting and Embroidery. 

Size: 14"W x 7"D x 32"H.

Colors included are the most popular 50.

(If you would like to request certain colors please add a note to your order.)

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