Magnifico Spools - Chocolate and Roses

Our Magnifico Chocolate and Roses Collection consists of 6 bold and beautiful colors of Magnifico polyester thread. Perfect for embroidery and quilting, Magnifico 40 wt. 2-ply polyester thread is strong and has a gorgeous sheen. Each spool is wound with 500 yds.

Colors included in this collection: #2023 Coral Blush, #2027 Impatiens Pink, #2032 Cantaloupe, #2173 Sandy Brown, #2176 Cinnamon Toast, and #2187 Chocolate Frosting.

The Chocolate and Roses Collection has been created to match San Francisco Stitch Company's fun embroidery designs.

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  • Thread Weight: 40 wt. 2-ply
  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Thread Characteristics: High-sheen appearance creates bold, visible stitches
  • Additional Info: High-strength trilobal polyester thread


  • Recommended For: Quilting, embroidery and decorative stitching
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