Metallic Thread

It all started with Metallic thread. The first product we carried was Superior Metallic. That was way back in April of 1998 and we were fresh-faced and ready to distribute our brand of high-quality metallic thread to crafters, quilters, and embroiderers. We knew our metallic thread was special and was truly the only high-quality metallic thread offered in the entire craft industry. Manufactured in Japan, our metallic thread undergoes proprietary processing that not only makes it look gorgeous when stitched, but makes strong enough for high-speed stitching. In fact, our metallic thread is the same thread used in the Japanese kimono industry.

When choosing a metallic thread for quilting or embroidery, there are several important traits to look for. First, metallic thread should unwind off a spool or cone smoothly. Low-quality metallic threads tend to coil up like a telephone cord. This twisting in the thread will often result in extra stress when the thread passes through the needle. The result? Frustration. This is because the extra twist will cause kinks while the thread is passing through the machine and commonly breaks the thread as it reaches the needle. We recognize the importance of quality not only for the thread itself, but for the Superior experience you will have when stitching. Our Superior metallic thread is wound onto larger diameter cones and spools to help mitigate the coiling that is prevalent with other brands of metallic thread. When using a cone of metallic thread, the thread should unwind over the top and when using a spool of metallic thread, the thread should unwind off the side.

Metallic thread from Superior Threads

The second trait to look for is a metallic thread that is constructed in a layered manner, made of quality materials. Our metallic thread is composed of seven distinct layers. We start with an extra-strength nylon core which is layered with a thin layer of rice paper. The rice paper then receives a small amount of adhesive with an oxidation-preventive coating to protect the core. A pure silver coating is then wrapped around the thread and covered with gold coloring. Lastly, the strand of metallic thread is wrapped with a polyester shell to keep everything together and help the thread run smoothly.

We recommend pairing metallic thread with a Topstitch #90/14 needle. This larger needle will help alleviate the stress put on the thread as you stitch and the larger eye reduces thread breakage. Lowering the top tension on your machine to 1.0 will also drastically improve the stretchability of metallic thread.

Below are comments we've received from customers who have used our metallic thread:

“I just tried your metallic thread for the first time on my longarm machine and it worked like a charm.”

“I love your Superior Metallics thread! I would have never guessed that loosening my top tension would help me use this beautiful thread.

“Superior is the ONLY metallic thread I use. It's a wonderful thread. I highly recommend it. I've never had a problem using it in my embroidery machine. Thanks for taking the frustration out of embroidering with metallic.”

“I have used many different brands and types of metallic thread and nothing slides through the needle with no problems like Superior Metallics. And I love the colors!"

Unfortunately, many quilters and sewists have given up on using metallic thread as they have had poor experiences with low-quality metallic threads. We are confident that our metallic thread, combined with a #90/14 needle and loose top tension will result in gorgeous designs and excitement for stitching with this beautiful decorative thread.

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