Displays and Fixtures » MicroQuilter Spools Store Display
Displays and Fixtures » MicroQuilter Spools Store Display

MicroQuilter Spools Store Display

The MicroQuilter spool display consists of the most popular 30 colors x 4 spools each. MicroQuilter is an extremely fine thread that can be sewn with a very small needle, rendering the thread virtually invisible. MicroQuilter is noticeably strong, especially considering its fine diameter and is the preferred thread for micro-stippling and miniatures.
A beautiful wood fixture houses the spools and conveniently sits on any table or countertop.�
The wood fixture measures: 13.5" wide x 25.5" tall x 9.25" deep and weighs 33 lbs.
SKU: 146-30

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Product Details

Thread Weight 100 wt. 2-ply
Recommended For Quilting, invisible applique and stitch in the ditch
Fiber Type Polyester