Mil-Spec Sewing Thread

Superior Threads is able to assist you with your mil-spec (military standard or military specifications) sewing thread needs. Although mil-spec thread isn't used only for government uses, mil-spec sewing thread is designed to meet specific criteria such as country of origin, breaking strength, and thickness. Any order for mil-spec thread is made an a per-order basis and produced in the United States.

We make the process of ordering mil-spec thread as smooth as possible and have partnered with additional vendors and factories to provide a range of threads that are used for mil-spec sewing projects. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service staff and will work hand-in-hand to source and provide the mil-spec thread products you are searching for.

We can help with mil-spec thread requests for mil-spec spun polyester thread, mil-spec bonded nylon thread, and mil-spec bonded polyester thread. If mil-spec thread is not required for your specific sewing application, we have thousands of other products besides mil-spec products.

Mil-spec bonded nylon thread

Because all mil-spec thread orders are manufactured on a per-order basis, we have simplified the process. If you want to order mil-spec thread, please e-mail us at and provide the specifications you're looking for. It is helpful if you provide a description of the mil-spec thread and the NSN (National Stock Number) as well.

Once we receive the specifications for your mil-spec thread order, we will confirm if we can meet the specifications. Every mil-spec thread will have different minimum order quantities. We can then quote the price and minimum order requirement for your order. If you approve of the quote, we can discuss creating samples to approve the specs. Once the price, minimum order quantities, and the sample of your mil-spec thread are approved, we can proceed with production. The typical lead time for mil-spec thread will be approximately 3-6 weeks but each thread type will vary. Due to the specifics of mil-spec thread, all mil-spec thread orders are paid in advance before production begins.
If you have additional questions about the ordering process or thread types, please e-mail

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