MonoPoly Smoke Prewounds (Class 15)

MonoPoly on prewound Class 15 (A-style) bobbins. Smoke. 220 yds. per bobbin. 1 dozen. MonoPoly is .004" (.1mm) in diameter (90 denier) = Very fine thread.
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  • Thread Weight: 100 wt. 2-ply
  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Thread Characteristics: Reduced sheen and nearly invisible
  • Bobbin Style: Class 15


  • Recommended For: Quilting and invisible applique

Superior Star

Sue Bleiweiss

Sue is meticulous when it comes to colors. Hand dyeing the fabrics she uses in her quilts, Sue creates fantastic art quilts that offer creative personality bursting with colors. Sue's quilts have subtle quilting designs that don't distract from the pattern.

Sue's go-to bobbin thread is MonoPoly. Due to its fine nature, MonoPoly allows for a lot of thread to be wound on a bobbin and it blends extremely well with any top thread.

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