Nature Colors Spool Try Me Special (Limit 5 Spools)

NATURE COLORS Try Me Special. 500 yds.

40 wt. high-sheen premium trilobal polyester for quilting and embroidery.

Limit: 5 spools (unless otherwise noted, colors will be different). (We choose the colors)

Reg. price/spool: $5.99.

Recommended Needle: Longarm machines= #19 (MR 4.5) Home machines= #90/14 Superior Topstitch

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Superior Star

Pat Durbin

Pat combines inspiration from pictorial art with detailed quilting to create mesmerizing works of art. Using fabric and thread as her choice of media, Pat's quilts are filled with bright colors, detailed accents, and layers of texture.

Pat's talent for thread painting is showcased with Nature Colors. Its high-sheen presence creates a bold statement and adds incredible color depth and texture to her quilts.

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Beside Still Water

50+ Awards for Quilting

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