December 2005 Newsletter

December 2005

Unbelievable Deal
Once in a while an opportunity comes along that seems too good to be true but it really is true. Such is the case with We have teamed with them to provide some Sew Unbelievable deals. sells a very select line of products, all fully guaranteed in quality and customer satisfaction. With each purchase from their website, you get a FREE shopping spree of Superior Threads. For example, a brand new Juki sewing/quilting machine, model TL-98Q, is listed at the lowest of any Internet price of $899 (the listed retail price is $1,995). If you purchase this product from, you receive an instant $300 (yes, three hundred dollars) shopping spree from Superior Threads absolutely FREE. That effectively takes the cost of the machine down to $599. You can choose a recommended assortment set or choose your own thread. Other sewing machine models start at $399 (and include a FREE $130 shopping spree). Other products include quilt kits from a well known hand-dyed fabric company (and includes a FREE $50 Superior Threads shopping spree), popular continuous pattern quilting books (FREE thread of your choice with each book purchased), and more. We know the folks at Their service, quality, and customer satisfaction guarantee is equal to ours. That's why we decided to work with them. It's worth checking out, especially at this time of year. Here's a link to their website:

Wise Words From Mother Superior
Thank you for a wonderful year. I enjoy meeting and talking with you as we travel. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. Merry Christmas.

Education. Top 10 Questions of the Year (part 2)
6. Why are there so many different standards for thread measurement? What's the difference between a 50 wt., #50 and tex 50 thread?
As consumers, we would like all thread with a 50 on it to be similar in size. Likewise for a 40, 30, and so on. However, the density of cotton, polyester, rayon, metallic are all different so a 40 wt. cotton will not be the same as a 40 wt. poly. Some companies use the wt. standard, others use the tex standard, others use the number standard. It is all mixed up and will never be coordinated. Therefore, our advice is to not rely on the printed info. Choose your threads by using your fingers your eyes and you will always choose the correct size. Fine threads to blend, medium and heavier threads to show.

7. Is it OK to piece with polyester?
Polyester is a very durable thread and is fine for piecing if that is what you prefer. It will not tear or damage the quilt. A fine, lint-free poly thread may even make a smoother seam than a cotton thread. However, there is one caution: When you iron the seams, make sure your iron is on the medium setting for synthetics and not on the high setting for cotton. Although polyester is heat resistant, it is not as heat resistant as cotton and a high-heat iron can melt it.

8. Is there a difference between embroidery thread and quilting thread?
Not really. It is a matter of personal preference. Traditionally, embroidery thread has been rayon. However, rayon is fairly weak and is not always colorfast. The newer high-sheen trilobal polyester threads are a better choice because they are stronger and colorfast. We want a thread that looks beautiful, is adequately strong for the task, and is colorfast.

9. What's the difference between plastic-sided and cardboard-sided prewound bobbins?
For machines that are compatible with prewound bobbins, we've notice that nearly all machines can use the cardboard-sided type (some prefer to remove the cardboard sides) but some machines do not like the plastic-sided types. Plastic-sided bobbins are too slick for some machines and the lack of friction causes the thread to backlash. This does not happen with the cardboard-sided bobbins.

10. Were there any eye-opening discoveries this year?
Yes. Bobbin tension plays a bigger role than most people realize. We've been taught to never touch the bobbin tension. We need to change that thinking. If we have made the usual needle size and top tension adjustments and still are experiencing problems, the next place to look is the bobbin tension. It is probably set too tight. By loosening the bobbin tension, we gain a wider range of compatibility between the top and bottom. It will make a difference. Our expensive machines should be able to run any quality thread. Don't limit yourself to a single type of thread only because 'that's all my machine likes.' Your machine can and will run any quality thread if you make the easy and necessary adjustments.

What's New
MasterPiece by Alex Anderson has finally arrived. This is a very smooth #50/2-ply Extra-long staple Egyptian cotton thread, similar to King Tut in quality, but quite a bit finer. It is made for
* piecing
* applique
* detail quilting
* lacework
* bobbin thread
MasterPiece is available in 50 beautiful solid colors and in two spool sizes: 600 yds. and 3,000 yds. It really is nature's finest thread. MasterPiece is guaranteed to be the smoothest and cleanest non-glazed, lightweight cotton thread you've ever used. We introduced it at Houston in late October and ran out of everything. Those who have used it report back that it is virtually a lint-free cotton, runs and looks great, and the 50 colors are like eye candy. To read what Alex Anderson says about MasterPiece, please click copy and paste this link into your browser:
Like all of our products, MasterPiece is guaranteed. Use it and love it or we'll buy it back. Here's the link to the color chart:

Superior Christmas Poetry
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town,
Not a sign of Baby Jesus was anywhere to be found.
The people were all busy with Christmastime chores.
Like decorating, and baking, and shopping in stores.
No one sang, "Away in a manger, no crib for a bed."
Instead, they sang of Santa dressed up in bright red.
Mama watched Martha Stewart, Papa drank beer from a tap.
As hour upon hour the presents they'd wrap.
Then what from the TV did they suddenly hear?
An ad, which told of a big sale down at Sears.
So away to the mall they all flew like a flash,
Buying some things on credit and others with cash!
And, as they made their way home from their trip to the mall,
Did they think about Jesus? Oh, no, not at all.
Their lives were so busy with their Christmas time things,
They had no time to remember Christ Jesus, the King.
There were presents to wrap and cookies to bake.
How could they stop and remember the One who died for their sake?
To pray to the Savior, they had no time to stop.
Because they needed more time to "Shop till they drop!"
On Wal-mart! On K-mart! On Target! On Penny's!
On Hallmark! On Zales! A quick lunch at Denny's!
From the big stores downtown to the stores at the mall,
They would dash away, dash away, and visit them all!
And up on the roof, there arose such a clatter,
As grandpa hung icicle lights using his brand new step ladder.
He hung lights that would flash. He hung lights that would twirl.
Yet, he never once prayed to Jesus, the Light of the World.
Christ's eyes, how they twinkle!
Christ's Spirit how merry!Christ's love, how enormous!
All of our burdens He'll carry!
So instead of being busy, overworked, and uptight,
Let's put Christ back in Christmas and enjoy some good nights!

Bob's Christmas Message
As our city follows the trend in the U.S. by taking extreme care to not offend anyone during this season, I see signs that say 'Seasons Greetings' and 'Happy Holidays.' Christmas trees are now referred to as 'Holiday Trees' and teachers and public employees are prohibited from referring to Christmas. No Christmas songs, no Christmas vacation, no Christmas parties, no Christmas cards. Well, I'm offended at those 'let's not offend' actions. This is Christmas and it's a wonderful time. I wish you and everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS. This is a happy and joyous time and we wish to share that with others. If others were to wish me a Happy Hanukkah or Ramadan, or any other joyful religious greeting, I'll rejoice with them and thank them for sharing their joy with me.
Christmas is a season of rejoicing, a season of hope, and a season of love. We hear about many kind deeds and are motivated to participate in such. Young children are full of excitement and wonder, "What will I get?" We can feel the same excitement as we ponder, "What will I give?" Let's first give our Savior a gift by showing Christlike love during this Christmas season. Every loving word spoken and each kind deed performed is a gift not only to the recipient, but also to the Lord. The spirit of this season is the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
As declared by angels and testified of by prophets, God sent His son to all mankind, that we may have joy, peace, and good will. The Christmas season brings us closer to our families, to our neighbors, and to our Savior as we experience the true joy and peace that comes from good will and giving. Every loving word spoken and each kind deed performed is a gift not only to the recipient, but also to the Lord.
May we enjoy the Spirit of Christ during this wonderful season and throughout the new year as we commit ourselves to being the very best persons that we can be. May this season be full of joy as we reach out to one whose heart may be aching or lonely, or whose body may be tired or ill. May we ask ourselves, "Who needs my help?" May we reach out to our families and neighbors with forgiveness, kindness, and love, and by doing so, invite Christ into our lives. Jesus Christ is the son of God. He lives. He is our perfect Example. May we do the same as the Wise Men of old, who sought out Jesus Christ. Wise men and women still seek Him today. MERRY CHRISTMAS from Bob Purcell.

Thank you for reading. Please forward to a friend and have a SUPERIOR day and Christmas season.
Bob Purcell
the Thread Professor

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