October 2006 Newsletter

October 2006

Wise Words From Mother Superior
Smooth, lint-free threads are wonderful but they can also be slippery. When using cones of smooth and slippery threads like Rainbows, Brytes (our new thread), or metallic, place a thread net (like HandyNets) over the cone to prevent the thread from sliding down and slipping underneath the cone. Leave the net on the cone as you use it. Recommended for both longarm and home machines (when using cones with a thread stand). The net also makes a great storage device to prevent unwinding.

$30 Gift Certificate WINNERS
Send ideas to [email protected] to help us serve you better (products, education, website, newsletter, customer service). We'll award a $30 gift certificate for the best ideas received each month. In the e-mail subject line, please type "$30 idea." Last month winners:

1. Bonita Walker (California). Idea: Change the website search function to be more comprehensive. When putting in a color number, make sure all the information about that thread comes up including color name, type of thread, and sizes available. (Bob's note: Thank you Bonita. We have updated each item to do this.

2. Jenni Carey (Australia). Idea: This idea is for stores and quilting businesses. I find the best way to see and sell the variegated threads is to have them stitched out. I am very passionate about this type of thread as the effects are amazing. It shows the variegated effect much more clearly than the spool alone. (Bob's note: We've received requests over the years to make stitch-outs available. Jenni's idea convinced us to get going on it. King Tut stitch-outs (the first 50 colors) are now available. See "What's New" below for details.)

3. Vivian K. (Canada.). Idea: I live in a small town and have trouble finding your thread. My friends and I talked my local quilt shop into ordering from you. However, being small and a new store she is not able to have a wide variety. There is no other quilt shop that carries your product in our area.. Here is my idea: put together a low cost package for stores to start carrying your threads. (Bob's Note: for retail stores, half displays are now available. Instead of buying 4 spools each of 50 colors, you can buy a half display of 2 spools each. This saves 50%.)

4. Linda Alexander (Oregon). Idea: I love to use the Bottom Line for all of my hand bindings. Bottom Line is perfect for making the dreaded task of hand binding easy. I can cut any length of Bottom Line with a sharp applique needle and zip through a Queen size quilt in the time it takes to watch an hour long DVD with the family. The Bottom Line doesn't tangle. It is the perfect thread to use as it literally melts into the fabric. It has the judges fooled as they can't see my binding thread. (Bob's Note: We use a double strand for hand binding.)

5. Maggie Hawk (Arizona). Idea: Use Masterpiece in the bobbin in a color chosen to blend with the King Tut color on top. Both front and back of the project look perfect this way with neither top nor bottom thread peeking through where you don't want it to. I do this for quilting and applique.

Education: Is it OK to use Silicone lubricant on thread?
Silicone is a chemical polymer lubricant that is sometimes used to make an uncooperative thread run better. Some spray it onto the thread and others thoroughly immerse the thread in a bucket of silicone and soak it overnight. If the thread requires full immersion and soaking, and you are using the right needle and made appropriate tension adjustments, I recommend finding another thread. That's too much silicone. As thread manufacturers, we asked our engineers, factories, machine experts, and fiber consultants regarding the use of silicone.
Q. Is the silicone used for thread lubricant water soluble?
A. Most is oil soluble and does not mix with water.
Q. Does silicone affect the colorfastness of the thread or fabric?
A. No. There is no evidence of silicone affecting colorfastness.
Q. Can silicone stain the fabric?
A. Yes. If you use enough silicone on the thread to penetrate the spool or cone, the excessive amount of silicone may discolor or stain the thread and fabric.
Q. Is it safe to use a small amount of silicone?
A. Probably. Just don't soak the thread in it.
Q. Will silicone spray hurt my machine.
A. An excessive amount may over-lubricate but a small amount should be OK.
Q. How about soaking the entire cone of thread in silicone?
A. No. Use a thread that does not require soaking.
Q. Is silicone safe?
A. A little is most likely OK. According to OSHA, silicone is defined as a hazardous substance. It is combustible. It can cause skin and respiratory tract irritation.
What's New

1. Stitch-outs of our threads are becoming available. The first 50 colors of King Tut are now available in stitch-outs and the stitch-out for the new 25 colors will be available in November. All colors are stitched on half black/half white fabric to show how the variegated colors appear. These stitch-outs are ideal for stores and also for professional quilters to show customers how a particular thread will look on a light or dark fabric. There is no profit involved in this project. It is quite labor intensive and we sell the stitch-outs at our cost to make them which is $29 per piece. Each piece contains 25 colors. Therefore, for all the King Tut colors, there are three separate stitch-outs. For Rainbows, there are two separate stitch-outs.
To see a sample of the King Tut stitch-outs, click here:
To see Rainbows, click here:
After clicking on the image, if your computer does not enlarge the stitch-out, place your cursor over the stitch-out for 2 seconds until an arrow image appears at the bottom right corner. Click on the arrow and the image will expand.

2. King Tut. 25 NEW colors are coming in late October (for a total of 75 colors). Many of these new colors were designed with your recommendations in mind. They will be available in both sizes, the 500 yd. spools and the 2,000 yd. cones. New colors include a set of 12 Cottage Colors by Betty Cotton and five new Tone-on-Tone colors by Sue Nickels. For stores, the new 25 colors will be available in a display rack.

3. Brytes by Caryl Bryer Fallert. Brytes is a high-sheen, lint-free #30/3-ply polyester thread. Brytes is a little heavier than our other threads and intended to be a visible thread to enhance your creations. It is our strongest thread and is manufactured for longarm and machine quilting, outlining, and threadplay. 50 colors. Brytes will be introduced at the Houston Quilt Festival in early November.

4. Highlights color cards are now available. We?ve added some new colors. Here's the link:

5. Current and previous months' newsletters are now posted on our website. On our home page, click on Newsletter.

Your Tips and Hints are posted on our website. Please keep new ones coming. Here's the link:

Invitation to Retail Stores
If you own or work at a store that carries any of our products, please add your store information to the Store Locator on our website. Customers can find you by country, state, or zip code. We will tell the world about the your store, list all Superior products you carry, list your phone number and website, and even provide a map. Listing is free.
Here's the link:

1. So Fine, a lint-free and soft #50/3-ply polyester thread, is our most versatile thread. It is a very popular machine quilting thread. It also is an ideal thread to use for garment sewing, as a serger thread, and also as a bobbin thread. To help you discover the many uses of So Fine, all orders over $30 received during October will receive a FREE spool of So Fine.

2. 50% off Perfect Quilter 2,500 yd. cones. $15 per cone (reg. $29.95). Perfect Quilter is a 17 wt. long staple cotton thread that creates a wonderful, well defined stitch. On home machines, we recommend using a Schmetz Topstitch #100/16 needle and a thread stand/cone holder (both are available on our website). We recommend this thread for home machines and not for most longarms.
Here's the link to the webpage:

3. Check out other specials here:

Idea for Teachers. We often receive requests for class sample-size smaller spools of thread. Sometimes a teacher needs 20 or 25 samples of metallic thread or MonoPoly or MasterPiece or So Fine or King Tut but doesn't want 25 regular spools. This might be your answer. Instead of having to buy a whole spool of thread for each person, we offer custom winding onto plastic-sided bobbins for any of our threads. You buy the spool (or cone) at a discounted price, we wind the entire spool or cone at 50 cents per bobbin, and send them to you. Please call for details.

Website Design and Hosting.
If you are thinking about creating a website or need to upgrade or change your current website, we have a wonderful recommendation. Check out They are highly skilled, fast, accurate and have very good rates. We use them, like them, and recommend them to everyone. Contact them at [email protected] or 1-800-941-0645.

Favorite Bumper Sticker
Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.

Before reading the Joke of the Month, please make a note to send us your $30 idea and machine-specific tips and hints.

Bob's Superior Joke of the Month
A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.
The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.
The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.
The little girl said, "When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah".
The teacher asked, "What if Jonah went to hell?"
The little girl replied, "Then you ask him."

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