March-April 2007

Wise Words From Mother Superior
Please check out This is going to be wonderful for all of us. More information below.

$30 Gift Certificate Winners
Send us your ideas to help us serve you better (products, education, website, newsletter, customer service, etc.). We will award a $30 gift certificate for the best idea received each month. In the e-mail subject line, please type "$30 idea." This month's winners are Anita Zobens (Ontario, Canada) and Jeanne Brunkow (Colorado) who both sent in the same idea. "Tell us tell how many yards of your various threads will fit on an self-wound L and M bobbin." Thank you Anita and Jeanne. Our response is below.

The following numbers will vary according to the winding machine and tension settings. This information shows an average amount and is useful if you want to know how many yards of thread you put into a quilt.

1. L style Bobbin
Bottom Line: 102 yds.
Masterpiece: 73 yds.
So Fine: 66 yds.
Brand X cotton: 39 yds.

2. M style bobbin
Bottom Line: 186 yds.
Masterpiece: 133 yds.
So Fine: 120 yds.
Brand X cotton: 71 yds.

Education: Technology, Education, and Entertainment
Technology has provided the means for us to learn in ways that were not possible a generation ago. For many years, the television program Simply Quilts introduced to us new ideas and creative teachers. That era is now gone and a new exciting era, the Internet Era, is here. The Internet is so far beyond television. The boundaries are limitless and access is immediate. is here.

We recently returned from the taping the first episodes of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. Leave it to Ricky and Alex to have come up with this exciting concept. The Quilt Show provides a fresh and unique format which includes a wide variety of topics, lessons, projects, special guests, and on-site field pieces. The show is a marriage of artistic and traditional quilting presented in a fun and playful atmosphere, including a studio audience. The website is designed for us, the quilters. Think of it ? instant access day or night to quilting education and entertainment.

The first season (13 episodes) will air exclusively at in regular intervals between April and December 2007. Membership is required to access all the programs on the website. Trust me on this one. It is worth it. For less than the cost of a magazine subscription, you will have educational and entertaining TV-style programs available instantly at your fingertips. Membership is only $24.95. However, everyone who signs up by April 1, 2007, the Charter Membership Special is only $16.95 and includes 13 episodes of The Quilt Show use of Member/Quilt/Shop Search Engines exhibit Quilts at the World Quilt Community Quilt Show Online discounts on series DVDs access to the World Quilt Community Blog, Chat, and Forum

The World Quilt Community is a place to gather, discuss, learn and share. You will be able to meet up with old friends and make new friends from all around the world who share our passion for quilting. All quilters worldwide are invited to this exciting, interactive forum.

To sign up today, click and become a gold star charter member at a discounted rate and help build this community together. It is a place, truly for us, the quilters, to connect, learn and share.

Invitation to Retail Stores
If you own or work at a store that carries any of our products, please add your store information to the Store Locator on our website. Customers can find you by country, state, or zip code. We will tell the world about the your store, list all Superior products you carry, list your phone number and website, and even provide a map. Listing is free. Here's the link:

What's New
Superior Snippers. A new, patented, hand-crafted tool that makes our life so easy. This 3-in-1 tool includes snippers, a seam ripper, and an awl. Snippers: Super sharp blades clip the threads flush with the fabric. Ergonomic design prevents hand fatigue. Seam Ripper/Thread Unpicker: Curved tip easily picks up the thread on a flat surface without damaging the fabric. Awl: Makes drawing the bobbin threads to the surface very easy. For quilters and embroiderers. Here's a link to the webpage:

Upcoming Teaching Schedule
Bob will be teaching at the following events: March 29-31. San Diego. Super Seminar with Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, and Libby Lehman April 12-15. Lancaster, PA. Quilters Heritage Celebration April 27. Paducah, KY

1. Sampler Sets. We now have four different Superior Sampler Sets. These sets are offered at a 40% discount and are not for resale. It is a great way try a variety of our products.

a. Longarm Quilting Sampler. Contains one each of our longarm quilting products: Superior Metallics, Rainbows, NiteLite ExtraGlow, Poly Quilter, Bottom Line, So Fine, King Tut, SuperBOBs (L-Style & M-Style) prewound bobbins, Brytes, MonoPoly, and a pack of Groz-Beckert #19 (MR 4.0) needles. $69 for a $151 value.

b. Home Machine Quilting Sampler. Contains Superior Metallics, Perfect Quilter, Glitter, Rainbows, NiteLite ExtraGlow, Poly Quilter, Bottom Line, Nature Colors, So Fine, King Tut, MasterPiece, MonoPoly, SuperBOBs L-Style prewound bobbins, Brytes, and Topstitch 100/16 and 90/14 needles. $59 for a $97 value.

c. Embroidery Sampler. Contains Superior Metallics, Glitter, Rainbows, NiteLite, Bottom Line, Nature Colors, Living Colors, So Fine, King Tut, MasterPiece, Topstitch 90/14 needles, MonoPoly, SuperBOBs L-Style prewound bobbin, Brytes, Dissolve, Dissolve-4x. $69 for a $116 value.

d. Bobbin Work/ Couching/Serger Sampler. Contains Halo, Razzle Dazzle, Polyarn. $34 for a $58 value. Here's the link for the Sampler Sets:

2. Brytes by Caryl Bryer Fallert is a #30/3 high-sheen, lint-free polyester thread. Brytes is a medium/heavy thread and is intended to show off in your quilting and embroidery. 50 bright colors are now in stock. 2,200 yd. cones are regularly $19.80. Special through the end of April: only $15.95.

3. Poly Quilter 2,000 yd. cones. This is a medium-heavy spun poly thread in 36 variegated colors. Spun poly gives the appearance of cotton, whereas high-sheen poly gives the appearance of silk. 2,000 yd. cones are $16.50 (regularly $21.95).

4. 50% off ALL Perfect Quilter ? both sizes. We plan to convert 300 yd. Perfect Quilter to a spool from the current mini cone. Therefore, all 300 yd. mini cones are 50% off. Regular price is $8.99. Now only $4.50. Here's the link: 2,500 yd. cones are $15 per cone (reg. $29.95). Perfect Quilter is a 17 wt. cotton thread that creates a wonderful, well defined stitch. We recommend using a Schmetz Topstitch #100/16 needle and a thread stand/cone holder. We recommend this thread for home machines and not for most longarms. Topstitch needles are available on our website and heavy duty thread stands are also available

Bob's Superior Joke of the Month
An elderly gentleman had serious hearing problems for a number of years. He finally went to the doctor and was fitted for hearing aids which restored his hearing to nearly 100%. The elderly gentleman returned to the doctor for a one-month check up and the doctor asked, "Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be very pleased that you can hear again." The gentleman replied, "Oh, I haven't told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I've changed my will three times already!"

Thank you for reading. Please forward to a friend and have a SUPERIOR day. Bob Purcell The Thread Professor

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