September 2008 Newsletter

September 2008

Color is a most important element of the quilt design.  Choosing the right thread can either enhance or take away from the beauty of the quilt.  Computer monitors are close.  Thread cards made with the actual thread are better.  A sample stitched with the thread is best.  We offer thread stitch-outs for King Tut and Rainbows variegated threads to display how the color will look on both light and dark fabrics.  Images of these stitch-outs can be viewed on our website.  Stitch-outs for LAVA will be available next month.

NEXT SESSION for the Superior School of  Threadology
Last February, we held our first intensive training session.  Over 40 participants enjoyed three days of seminars and hands-on classes.  Our next session will be held in St. George, Utah on Feb. 5-7, 2009.  Teachers will include Bob Purcell, Heather Purcell, Cindy Needham, and Annie Unrein.  We guarantee a wonderful and very educational time for all who participate.  The cost is $250 and includes all classes, printed materials, thread, lunch all three days, and dinner two days.  If you are interested, please send an e-mail with ‘School’ in the heading to [email protected]

EDUCATION: Troubleshooting
This month’s education is presented in a flow chart.  It is brand new and I think you will find it quite valuable.  When things don’t work right, is it the thread?  The machine?  The needle?  Me?  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an easy-to-follow guide that would help us solve sewing-related problems?  It is here!  Click here or on our website home page, click on Troubleshooting Guide in the What’s New box.  This new 2-page Guide will take you through a few simple steps.  Just answer the questions, follow the arrows, and it will tell you where the problem lies.  For more valuable education, please visit our Education pages.

BOB'S SEMINAR SCHEDULE: Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob
Sep. 11-12. Wisconsin Quilt Expo. Madison, WI
Sep. 25-27. NW Quilting Expo. Portland, OR
Oct. 8-11. Innovations. Tacoma, WA

Almost everything we do at Superior Threads is a result of ideas, suggestions, and recommendations from our employees and from our customers. You are the ones that guide our company. Send us your ideas to help us serve you better (products, education, website, customer service, etc.). We award $30 Superior Threads gift certificates for the best monthly ideas. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with "$30 idea" in the subject line. This month's winners:

1. Ruth Ann Gianneschi (TN)  I would like to suggest adding a way to view the newest colors added to the various lines. Perhaps something as simple as New added on such and such date.
Bob’s Note: Good idea.  We will add NEW and the date to new items including the 34 newest  colors of So Fine, the 10 recent new colors of Rainbows, and the 9 new colors of MasterPiece.  The What’s New box on our home page also lists new items.

2. 3. 4. One idea. 3 winners.  Linda Erickson (AZ), Diane Friedel (MD), Kathleen Crabtree (MN) all recommended we offer the Bobbinsavers in different colors.  We need one color for SuperBOBs, one color for MasterPiece prewounds, and another color for self-wound bobbins.
Bob’s Note:  Three colors are now available.

5. Bridget Olson (OK) Where you list the winners and their ideas, it would be great to put right there the webpage link in blue.
Bob’s Note: Thank you.  I will remember to do this.

1.  So Fine has 34 NEW colors.  Look for color numbers 501 through 534.  We have had 100 colors for over a year but there were some color gaps.  Many of these new 34 colors are lighter shades.  Heather (Mother Superior) designs the new colors and we both name them.  Here is the link to all the colors:

2. NiteLite ExtraGlow is finally here in six colors.  These pastel shades of Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and White glow in the dark so now your daytime glow thread can be in color and when it is dark, it glows.  The glow color is similar to children’s toys that glow in the dark.  The thread glows night after night after just a 30 to 60 second charge.  The brighter the charging light, the brighter and longer the glow.  When sewing with this thread, it is important to put as much thread into the space as possible.  An embroidered fill pattern or a satin stitch works best.  A single meandering stitch will not be enough to show off the glow.  Available on 1,500 yd. cones. Smaller spools will be available in 2 months. Here is the link:

3.  Masterpiece has nine new colors on 600 yd spools.  MasterPiece is the ideal thread for piecing, applique, lacework, and bobbin.  It is a #50 extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton.  Very smooth, extremely low lint, and it makes beautiful, smooth seams.  The nine new colors are numbers 162 through 170.  Here is the link:

4.  Just in case you skipped over the Education section, please check out our new Troubleshooting Guide.  This will save you a lot of time in diagnosing problems.

5.  Stitch-outs are now available for Rainbows.  Two separate stitch-outs, each showing 30 colors of Rainbows, show off the variegated colors.  Half of the fabric is black (to show how the colors look against a dark background) and the other half is white (to show how the colors look against a light background).  These stitch-outs are recommended for stores, professional quilters, and for variegated thread lovers because they show how the thread will look when quilted.  We have had many requests to offer these because they show off the actual colors and help customers make the best choice.  We sell these at our cost to make them, $30 each.  King Tut stitch-outs are also available.  Here is the link for the Rainbows stitch-outs:

1.  So Fine 3,280 yd. cones.  Celebrating the brand new 34 colors, all So Fine colors (100 original and 34 new) are on sale for only $12 (reg. price is $15.90) through the end of September.

2. Superior Metallic is the only metallic thread that is guaranteed to work. 5,000 meter cones (approx. 5,500 yds.) are on sale this month. Solid colors: $20. Variegated colors: $25. Regular price is up to $40.00.  Here is the link:

3. 10,000 yd. Jumbo cones of Superior Metallic are on sale for $29 (reg. $48). Available only in Gold #7. Here’s the link:

4. Check out other specials and "try me" specials here:

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She thought for a time and then asked, 'Is it on or off?'

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