April 1, 2010 Newsletter

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April 1st Special
  All March specials (see March Newsletter, Specials section) will be valid through April 1st 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S.)  Specials on Metallic 5,500 yd. cones and Art Studio Colors 2,000 yd. cones will end at 8:00 p.m.   See below for new April specials.

We recently spent a week in a film studio making educational videos.  We will post them on our website and on the Superior Threads' YouTube channel as each is ready.  These videos are short clips (one to seven minutes each) and show how to use our products and give hints to achieve the best results.

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Many sewers have been taught to select the needle based solely on the type of fabric they are using.  This is the case when using knit fabrics which require a ballpoint needle.  Woven fabrics do better with a regular point needle.  Nowadays with the many varieties of thread available, it is also necessary to select the needle based on the thread size.  Assuming most sewers use woven fabrics, how do we select the best needle?  For those who have been to our seminars, we talk a lot about the Topstitch style needle.  We have learned much from the top professional quilters, embroiderers, and educators and discovered that the majority of them use the Topstitch style needle for nearly all applications including quilting, applique, piecing, embroidery, and construction.  The advantages of the Topstitch needle are threefold:
1.  The eye is elongated and almost twice as large as a regular needle eye.  This allows more room for the thread to move and decreases the stress on the thread.
2.  The point of the Topstitch needle is sharp. 
3.  The groove that runs up the shaft of the Topstitch needle is deeper and wider than the groove of other needles.  This is important especially for medium and heavier threads because the groove protects the thread while sewing.
Choose the needle based on the size of the thread.  Below is a guide.

very fine threads (60 wt., #100)

MonoPoly, Bottom Line, #100 silk

Home: Topstitch #70/10

Longarm: #14 (MR 3.0)

fine threads (#50)

So Fine, MasterPiece

Home: Topstitch #80/12

Longarm: #16 (MR 3.5)

medium threads (#40)

King Tut, Rainbows, Metallic, Highlights

Home: Topstitch #90/14

Longarm: #18 or 19 (MR 4.0-4.5)

heavier threads (#30 and heavier)

NEW Brytes, Poly Quilter

Home: Topstitch #100/16

Longarm: #19-21 (MR 4.5-5.0)

When to use very fine thread?  For invisible machine applique, color blending, and micro-quilting.
When to use fine thread?  For piecing, construction, blending, detail quilting, and when you don't want the thread to show.
When to use medium thread?  Most digitized embroidery designs, decorative stitching, decorative applique, quilting, and when you want to see the thread but don't want the thread overpower the quilt.
When to use heavier thread?  For decorative stitching, buttonhole applique, and when you want the thread to stand out.

BOB'S TEACHING SCHEDULE. Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob
April 7-9. St. George, UT. School of ThreadologyCertified Threadologist Course. (SOLD OUT)
April 16. Providence, RI.  MQX show
April 23. Paducah, KY.  AQS show
May 3-5. St. George, UT.  School of Threadology with guest teacher PAM HOLLAND. Class Schedule. (2 spaces left)
May 12. Overland Park, KS.  MQS show 
June 11. Flagstaff, AZ. Odegaard's Sewing Center
June 23. Columbia, MO.  Statler Users Group Annual Conference
June 25. Houston, TX. Longarm Training Academy.
July 1-3. School of Threadology goes to HAWAII as part of Quilt Hawaii 2010
August 19. Bakersfield, CA. Cotton Patch Quilters of Kern County
Sep. 27-29. St. George, UT. School of Threadology. Certified Threadologist Course

School logo (Small)

April 7-9. St. George, Utah.  Certified Superior Threadologist course  (SOLD OUT)
May 3-5. St. George, Utah.  School of Threadology with guest teacher PAM HOLLAND. Class Schedule (2 spaces left)
July 1-3.  Hawaii (Big Island). Certified Superior Threadologist course in Paradise.  Part of the Quilt Hawaii 2010 event.  Life doesn’t get much better than this. Become a Certified Superior Threadologist while enjoying a few days in paradise. Other classes and events are also available as part of the Quilt Hawaii event. Great room rates at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa have been negotiated.  Register through Quilt Hawaii (6 spaces left)
Sep. 27-29, 2010. St. George, Utah.  Certified Threadologist Course


1.  Rosann Gilbert (Texas).  When talking about a particular thread in the Comments section, why don’t you place a link that will take us directly to the thread described?
Bob's Note:  Good idea.  We linked them.  The Comments section share actual comments from our customers.

2.  Chris Biro.  Could you add a tab under 'Other' or 'Products' for closeout items?
Bob's Note:  Done.  Closeout items are now listed as a new category in the Products menu.  There are three items on closeout.

3.  Jan Beckert (Vermont).  I'm relatively new to longarm quilting, and don't always have the right supplies on hand.  I know you have a master list of all your threads and recommended needles, but I'd find it helpful if, on each thread's order page, you mentioned the size needles (longarm and domestic) that are needed.  Then, when ordering a particular thread, I could order the correct needles at the same time.
Bob's Note.  Done.  On the Description tab page for each thread line, we added a grid showing the recommended needle, tension setting, and bobbin thread for both home machines and longarm machines.

4 & 5.  Two winners.  Same idea.
4.  Dawn Siden (Montana) Texture Magic is the greatest thing since sliced bread!  But, I feel there should be more information on the backside of the package.  As a garment maker, I would like to know if I can now place my garment in the washer and dryer, and would it shrink any more?  And, can it take dryer heat?
Bob's Note:  Done.

5.  Margie Kraft (Idaho).  Could you put the washing instructions on the Texture Magic packaging?  I know that it says dry clean and washable on your website but it would be nice for the end-user of the product to have this information also.
Bob's Note:  Done.

6.Pamela Dransfeldt (California).   I've been on Facebook for a while and cannot believe the  networking of quilters on there.  Just thinking it would be good for you to have a Facebook page.
Bob's Note. I'm a couple months late in thanking Pam.  We've had our Facebook page for a couple months and are up to about 1,700 fans.  For the next little while, every time we add another 100 fans, we give away a $100.00 gift certificate to a randomly-selected Facebook Fan. 

WHAT’S NEW (This Month)
1.  Our educational video library is growing.  A new Video has been posted entitled The Magic Needle.  This is another chapter from Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob.  Learn what needle is recommended by professionals and educators and why.  This information will improve your sewing quality.

2.  The School of Threadology education book.  Contains over 90 pages of educational information condensed from 10 years of Bob's research and newsletter education.  This is the book used in our School of Threadology.  Reference Guides are also included.  Worth $10,000 but available for only $19.95.

3.  When you land on a Products page such as King Tut or So Fine,  there is a horizontal bar showing numerous tabs such as Description, Spool Sizes, Color Grids, and more.  The current page tab is bright pink and the other tabs are blue.  These tabs help navigate through everything related to that specific product.  On the Description tab page, we have added a new feature -- a grid showing the recommended needle, tension setting, and bobbin thread for both home machines and longarm machines.  Here is a sample page.

4.  The Superior Forum.  We have created a forum on our website for customers to post questions, responses, ideas, suggestions, and tips.  This is for you to share information and ideas.

WHAT’S NEW (Last Month)
1.  New educational video All About Polyester just posted on our website.  Learn about the three main types of polyester threads: Spun poly, Multi-filament poly, and Trilobal poly. 
2.  Our revised color catalog and reference guide entitled What Makes Us Superior? is now posted online.
3.  New needle sizes for A-1 longarm machines.  Groz-Beckert size #16 (MR 3.5) and #18 (MR 4.0) SAN 11 style needles are made specifically for multi-directional stitching which is what longarm machines do.  Needles for other longarm brands are also available.
4.  New and interesting ideas for Quilt Guilds.  Please see this page for ideas
5.  A new King Tut color card combines the NEW 25 and NEWEST 25 colors into a single card.  This color card contains the 2nd set of 50 colors.  All color cards are sold at our cost of making them which is $3 per card.  They are worth having.
6.  Educational Videos.  Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob.  A new video with Bob explaining and debunking the myth of poly vs. cotton thread is now on our website.  Will polyester thread really tear through the cotton fabric?  See it here.

7.  TOWA (Small)  TOWA Bobbin Tension Gauge for midarm and longarm machines.  This tension gauge measures the amount of tension placed on the bobbin thread and is very helpful because many midarm and longarm machines require bobbin tension adjustments.  By measuring and recording where the ideal tension setting is for various threads, you can quickly adjust the tension as you switch from thread to thread.  Available for both L Style bobbins and M Style bobbins. $67.95.

8.  Superior Needles.  NEW SIZE. #70/10 titanium-coated Topstitch needles for all Home machines. These needles last 5-8 times longer than regular needles and cost only 20 cents more per needle.  Pack of 5. This new needle size is recommended for sewing with very fine threads such as MonoPoly, The Bottom Line and our new #100 silk thread which will be introduced in May

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