February 2011 Newsletter

February 2011 Superior Threads Newsletter

It's sometimes awkward when people ask what my job is and I say, "I sell thread."  People outside our industry have no idea what quilters are all about -- the creative process, the stress release, the stashes, the social interaction.  This isn't just a hobby.  My real job is not selling thread -- it is providing satisfaction.  We strive to produce and provide the highest grade products and teach our customers how to use them.  We provide fun, therapy, relaxation, happiness, creativity and success.
This month's Education is dedicated to mid and longarm quilters.  We are opening the doors to new possibilities for mid and longarm quilters.  This is going to change the longarm quilting world.
EDUCATION: 100 Channels
For five years we have studied longarm machines.  Why are so many longarm quilters stuck using one type of thread?  Why can't some longarm machines use the wide variety of threads home machines successfully use?  Why doesn't a $18,000 machine serve my needs better? 
Well, your longarm machine just got satellite!  No more "my machine only likes one type of thread!"  Welcome to the world of a hundred different thread channels on your longarm.

Up until now, there has been no consistent way to measure the top thread tension on longarm machines.  Unlike most home machines which have a top thread tension control that measures tension numerically between 0 (no tension) and 10 (very tight tension), many longarm machines have a complicated tension system and the tension dial or multiple dials turn around and around and around with no way to measure where it is set.  It's impossible to remember where the dial is set so oftentimes it is just easier to leave it alone and stick to one thread type.  That is like going to Baskin-Robbins and always ordering a double scoop of vanilla ice cream because I'm afraid to try other flavors or it just isn't worth the effort.  Your multi-thousand dollar machine can perform and serve you well. Some machines just need more training than others.  We can help.

The Superior Top Thread Tension Gauge for longarms to the rescue!  Longarm quilters are well aware of the constant necessity of adjusting thread tension, both top and bobbin, when changing thread types.  The Towa bobbin thread tension gauge has been available for many years and is a great tool to set and measure the bobbin tension but until now, there has been no way to measure the top tension.  We have developed a Top Thread Tension Gauge and have tested it extensively on multiple brands of longarm machines with all our threads.  This new tension gauge is a wonderful new tool for anyone with a mid-arm or longarm machine that has difficulty successfully running delicate or sensitive threads. 

Can't run metallics on your longarm? 
 . . . or monofilament invisible thread? 
 . . . or trilobal polyester thread? 
 . . . or thin hologram thread? 
 . . . or very fine silk thread? 
 . . . or heavier polyester thread? 

We successfully run these threads on all eight of the longarm machines (comprising most major brands) in the Superior School of Threadology and we are providing the tools and information so you can too.  Our free printed tension guide shows where to set the top thread tension (based on the new Top Thread Tension Gauge) and where to set the bobbin tension (based on the Towa bobbin tension gauge) to achieve successful stitching with all different fiber types and sizes of thread.  Please view our printed longarm tension guide.  Most major brands of longarm machines are listed.  If your brand does not appear, they did not participate in our research.

The door has now been opened wide to a new world of successful stitching.  You can now get 100 channels of thread on your longarm machine.   

Free videos showing how to use both gauges are also available on our website.
Instructions on using the gauges.

NEW Thread of the Month Club Added
We just added one more Thread of the Month Club -- the So Fine Cone Club.  This Club offers three cones (3,280 yds. per cone) of So Fine each month.
You may never pay shipping again!  Club members receive FREE (USA addresses) or discounted (international) shipping on retail Club orders including add-on orders.  See our Thread of the Month page for details and numerous benefits including a free certificate to attend a session of the School of Threadology.

Price increase for King Tut 500 yd. spools
.  In 2-3 days, King Tut 500 yd. spools will increase from $7.99 to $8.99. Effective February 1, 2011.
Orders received through January 31 will be priced at the current price.

The price of the 2,000 yd. cones will stay the same.
Exception and Some Good News
  The Thread of the Month Club for King Tut 500 yd. spools will remain at $7.99 per spool through the end of the year.

BOB'S TEACHING SCHEDULE. Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob

Feb. 8. Lockport, IL. Heritage Quilters. 7:00 p.m.
Feb. 9. Flossmoor, IL. Quilters Plus. 9:30 a.m.
Feb. 9. Willowbrook, IL. 1:30 p.m.
Mar. 3-6. Puyallup, WA. Sewing & Stitchery Expo.  Bob and Heather will both teach classes. 
Mar. 10. Plano, TX. Quilters Guild of Plano. 6:30 p.m.
Mar. 12. Dallas, TX.  Dallas Quilt Celebration. 11:00 a.m.
Mar. 25. Santa Rosa, CA. The Sewing Place. 6:00 p.m.
May 5. Salt Lake City, UT.  HMQS show.  8:00 a.m.
May 23-25. St. George, UT. Longarm Session School of Threadology


What is the School of Threadology?
Scheduled Sessions
1. March 15-17. St. George, Utah. Sue Gilgan.  (sold out) Three-day class. Landscape Quilting

2. April 18-19. St. George, Utah. Pam Holland.  Snow Canyon with Distinction

3. April 21-22. St. George, Utah. Pam Holland. Thread Painting

4. April 27-29. St. George, Utah. Certified Superior Threadologist Course.  Click here for details.


May 23-25 in St. George, Utah.  Welcome to our Longarm Playground.  Eight longarm machines and room for 14 participants.  This class is not an advanced level techniques class but is designed for new longarmers or want-to-become longarmers.  Learn how to use all types of quality threads on eight different longarm machines (multiple brands of machines).  You will have a chance to try them all.  Click here for details.

6. June 29, 30, July 1. Honolulu, Hawaii. Three-day Certified Superior Threadologist Course.  Offered during Quilt Hawaii at the Marriott Hotel on Waikiki.

WHAT’S NEW (This Month)

1. Superior Top Thread Tension Gauge for Mid and Longarm Machines.  See above Education section for details and for a link to videos showing how this gauge works. 
Price: $34.95.
A set of both gauges (the Towa gauge for the bobbin and the Superior gauge for the top) is available here.

2. New Rainbows colors
 Two new variegated colors are available in our Rainbows line.
#862 NIGHT FIRE is black and red variegated.
#863 CHRISTMAS is red and green variegated.
Both colors are available on 500 yd. spools and 2,000 yd. cones.
 On sale through the end of February.  See Specials section below.

3. So Fine prewound bobbins are here.  Colors #401 (SNOW),  #402 (PEARL), and #411 (BLACK) are now available in both L style and M style.  Available by the dozen, 1/2 gross, or gross (144 bobbins).

4.  Last month we participated in a Quilter's Daily Special event. We offered a two-day-only special on one of our popular products.  Every day, Quilter's Daily Special offers a fantastic deal on quilt-related items from a variety of companies.  Superior Threads plans to participate in this fun event at least once a month.
To be notified of their daily specials, please subscribe on their website.

From My Heart to Yours Texture Magic Pattern

5. Perfect for a Valentine's Day gift!  From My Heart to Yours is a wall hanging pattern by Annie Unrein developed to celebrate love, friendship, or a sweet baby's birth. 
Easy-to-applique texturized hearts and simple embroidery add to the charm.
Click here to see the demo video for this pattern.

 WHAT’S NEW (Last Month)
 1. New King Tut Colors.  32 NEW colors are now available on both the 500 yd. spools and 2,000 yd. cones.
30 of the new colors are solids which so many have requested; two are variegated. 
Color numbers are 1000 through 1032.

2. Thread of the Month Clubs  Free to join. Open enrollment. Start anytime. Cancel anytime. No sign-up or cancellation fees.  Nine Clubs to choose from.  Club members receive FREE (USA addresses) or Discounted (international addresses) shipping on all monthly Thread Club shipments including any additional items included with the order. Each month, one week before the scheduled ship date, we will send an e-mail to all members reminding them of the upcoming shipment. You may add any other Superior products to this monthly shipment and get FREE shipping on the entire order. Never pay shipping again!
Join any three clubs and receive a FREE Gift Certificate to attend any session of the School of Threadology.  A $325.00 value. Gift certificate covers tuition, class fees, materials, kits, thread, and book for any scheduled School session. School sessions are held regularly in St. George, Utah and occasionally in other paradisical locations such as Hawaii. 

3. Wholesale/Business Accounts Thread of the Month Club (for retail stores and businesses).  See wholesale website for details.

4. MasterPiece (for piecing, applique, bobbin) is available in most colors on 22,000 yd. jumbo cones.

5. A new color of Highlights high sheen polyester is available on 2,000 yd. cones.  Color #794 Chocolate Pudding, just in time for all those turquoise and brown quilts.

6.  Five popular neutral colors of SuperBOBs prewound bobbins. Our most recent five new colors of The Bottom Line, colors 651 through 655,  are now available on prewound bobbins in both the L style and M styleAvailable by the dozen, 1/2 gross, or gross (144 bobbins).

7.  Leesa Chandler's Under the Australian Sun PatternLeesa Chandler Designs specialize in fabrics and designs with cultural influences. Her patterns reflect projects rich with culture influenced by  Asian, European, & Middle Eastern themes.
This year Leesa Chandler Designs also introduced Australian fabrics and quilting projects with her own range Under the Australian Sun with Robert Kaufman. 
Superior Threads is the North American distributor of these beautiful patterns.


Please be our Business Consultant. Send us your ideas to help us serve you better (products, education, website, customer service, etc.). We will award $30 gift certificates for the best ideas.  Click here to submit an idea.  This month's winning Business Consultants:

1. Connie Antal.  I love the So Fine thread very much but only use the cones.  Why don't you have a Thread of the Month Club with So Fine in cones rather than the spools?  You did that for the King Tut! I think So Fine deserves equal recognition.  Thanks.
Bob's note:  We can do that.  The So Fine Cone Club is now available.  Collect all the wonderful colors, three cones at a time.

2. Bonnie Sneed.  I wanted to join the thread of the month club and I was hoping there would also be an option for those of us who prefer the larger cone. Any chance?  Thanks.
Bob's note:  Yes there is.  Two clubs now offer cones -- King Tut and So Fine.

3. Susan Berbec (California).  How about a thread of the month club for businesses?  Retail stores can offer the Club to their customers and registered businesses can collect the the entire range to use in their longarm quilting businesses.
Bob's note: Another good idea.  This option is now available.

 Specials logo (Small)

Try Me Specials. This is a fantastic way to try new products.  You choose the product, we choose the colors, and you save 40-50%. Available for most products.

(King Tut 500 yd. "Try Me Special" will be $5.00 through Jan. 31 and will increase to $6.00 on Feb. 1.)

50% off New Brytes polyester thread through the end of February.  Our New Brytes thread is the exact same thread type as So Fine, just heavier for a more defined stitch. New Brytes is #30/3-ply, lint free, smooth and easy-running polyester. 1,650 yds. for only $9.90 (regular  price is $19.80).  50 bright solid colors. 
 Art Studio Colors
2,000 yd. cones of Art Studio Colors are 50% off.
High sheen trilobal polyester, ideal for quilting and embroidery.
$6.95 this month (reg. $13.90).

DVD and Book set.  Thread Therapy by Dr. Bob
The DVD is a live recording of Bob's thread seminar.
The School of Threadology Book contains over 90 pages of educational information condensed from 10 years of Bob's research and newsletter education. 
This is the book used in our School of Threadology.  Reference Guides are also included. 
Worth $10,000. Both for $34.95 (reg. $49.90).

10,000 yd. jumbo cone of Gold Metallic
This is the exact same metallic thread as our smaller cones and spools.
We are discontinuing this jumbo size.
Only $27.00 ($49.00 value).

The two new colors of Rainbows mentioned in the What's New section above are on sale.  2,000 yd. cones are $14 (reg. $19.80) and the 500 yd. spools are $5.99 (reg. $7.99).
#862 NIGHT FIRE 2,000 yds. and 500 yds.
#863 CHRISTMAS 2,000 yds. and 500 yds.

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Passenger: “Who?”
Cabbie: “Frank. Frank Feldman. He’s a guy who did everything right all the time. Like my coming along when you needed a cab, things happened like that to Frank every single time.”
Passenger: “There are always a few clouds over everybody.”
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Passenger: “An amazing fellow. How did you meet him?”
Cabbie: “Well, I never actually met Frank. He died and I married his wife.

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choosing faster shipping methods.

International orders: We now offer low Air Mail rates on international shipping to most countries.  Air Mail rates are available for packages up to 4 lbs.  International packages over 4 lbs. sent via the Post Office require Priority Mail or Express Mail rates.  UPS is also available.


What I believe to be the most innovative quilting-related Internet company in the world is Websites For Quilters.  They also developed the FindMyFabric website and many others.  We use them and highly recommend them.  (This is an unpaid plug for them because we like the superior work they do.)  For more information, please click here.  They have designed hundreds websites for quilting-related individuals and companies as well as non-quilting related websites.

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