April 2011 Newsletter

April 2011 Superior Threads Newsletter

Many midarm and longarm machines have a black light option which cause certain threads to glow.  This is especially useful when using a bright white thread on a white fabric.  Under normal light, it may be difficult to see the white-on-white thread lines.  Under a black light, the thread will glow and it is easy to see the stitching.  Here is a list of our threads that glow under a black light:
MasterPiece #186 (bright white)
Highlights #741, 731, 726
Super Brights set of 12 spools. All except #740
Rainbows #841 (variegated neons)
King Tut #993 (bright white)
Bottom Line #621 (bright white)
Brytes (New Brytes) #1141, 1140, 1138, 1135, 1136
NightLight ExtraGlow all colors


In March we offered a free spool of thread (of the member's choice) for all Club members.  During April, members get 74% off a particular line of thread.  All specials are for Club members only and are not advertised anywhere else.  Other benefits:
1.  Free Shipping (USA addresses) or Discounted Shipping (international) for the monthly retail Club shipment and this extends to anything else you add to that shipment.
2.  Prices guaranteed not to go up during the Club duration.  For example, the price of King Tut spools recently increased by $1.00.  However, for King Tut Club members, there is no price increase.  A future MasterPiece price increase appears inevitable but not for MasterPiece Club members.  Even for those who join now, the old price remains for Club members.
3.  No sign up fees. Open enrollment.  Stop any time.
See our Thread of the Month page for details.

EDUCATION: All Things Silk
Bob Purcell and Maggie BackmanFor the past 25 years, Maggie Backman has dedicated her life to educating the sewing world about silk.  She has studied and continues to teach mixed media techniques of sewing, dyeing, surface design and embellishment techniques with silk products that have provided many students and customers with unique creativity and originality.  Maggie developed the The Silk Experience, a consortium of silk textile teachers, artists and authors who have coordinated their talents by offering silk-related classes for seven years at the Houston Quilt Festival and at other venues around the county. The Silk Experience has also reached out to Japan and is fostering intercultural opportunities with Japanese and American silk instructors.
Since 1985, Maggie has provided Tire brand high quality
filament silk to the sewing world.  In my (Bob's) narrow-minded American way of thinking, I think the brand name "Tire" is a rather odd (i.e. really dumb) brand name for thread but I have learned that "ti-re" in French means "long and slender" which is very appropriate for silk. excusez mon ignorance.
After 25 years of selling the Tire brand silk, Maggie decided to stop selling and to concentrate on educating.  She approached us and asked if we would be interested in acquiring her retail and wholesale silk thread business. She wishes to continue her valuable contacts with the silk world and educate about silk’s continuing uses and recent research concerning the valuable genetic properties of the silk worm.  Maggie has developed a new website,, an exciting new resource for silk aficionados around the world. In April 2012, Maggie will conduct a week-long Silk Experience event at the Superior Threads School of Threadology in St. George, Utah.

BOB'S TEACHING SCHEDULE. Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob

Apr. 14. Providence, RI. MQX Show. 9:00 a.m.
May 5. Salt Lake City, UT.  HMQS show.  8:00 a.m.
May 13. Overland Park, KS, MQS show. 8:00 a.m.
May 21. Cal. State Northridge. Quilting in the Valley. 2:00 p.m.
May 23-25. St. George, UT. Longarm Session School of Threadology


What is the School of Threadology?

Scheduled Sessions
1. April 27-29. St. George, Utah. Certified Superior Threadologist Course.  (a few spots are still available)
2. May 23-25. St. George, Utah.Longarm School of Threadology Session.  (sold out)
3. June 29, 30, July 1. Honolulu, Hawaii. Three-day Certified Superior Threadologist Course.  Offered during Quilt Hawaii at the Marriott Hotel on Waikiki.

WHAT’S NEW (This Month)

Thread Education Videos1. Thread Education Video  Have you ever used a flat hologram thread?  Successfully?  Our hologram thread, Glitter, is guaranteed to work.  Simply follow three basic rules (tension, needle, and proper spool position) and you are in for a pleasant, sparkling surprise. In this 5-minute video, Cindy Needham demonstrates using Glitter on a home machine.
Cindy Needham is a certified Superior Educator and spends much of her time on the road teaching at quilt shops, guilds, and at major quilt shows.  She has been a guest on The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky, has been the featured artist at quilt shows, has has written articles for major publications.
Note: see Specials below for April specials on Glitter.

2.  So Fine 550 yd. spools. We started with the original 50 colors (#401 through #450) and are gradually adding all 134 colors of So Fine in the 550 yd. spool size.  Four colors just arrived in the 550 yd. spools:
#451 Blizzard
#454 Sandstone
#473 Brooke
#492 Pastel Yellow

Line Dancing. Free-motion machine quilting made easy wtih Martha Milne pt.1
3.  La Mer is for those who use a home machine on a frame and who want to become more fluent in free-motion quilting. Martha Milne demonstrates a no-mark method for learning line designs, a technique based on ballroom dancing, using line designs inspired by the sea.
Martha, a graduate of the School of Threadology Class of February 2009, applies what she learned from Heather's and Bob’s classes and workshops (except for the ballroom dancing part) to free-motion machine quilting on a frame.
The La Mer DVD is on sale this month for $19.95 (reg. $29.95)

4.  OMNI Thread arrives later this month. OMNI Thread is a poly-wrapped poly core thread designed for longarm machine quilting. If you use Perma Core thread, you are going to absolutely love OMNI Thread.  It is cleaner, stronger, more colorful, and Superior.  OMNI Thread is designed as a strong, entry-level thread for high speed quilting and is recommended as both a top thread and a bobbin thread.
Thread Specs:
Size: Tex 30 (not 30 wt.)
Construction:  100% polyester.  Filament polyester core wrapped with a spun poly outer layer.
Number of colors: 172
Cone size: 6,000 yds.
Note: See Specials below for April specials on OMNI sample cones. Try OMNI for only $3.

WHAT’S NEW (Last Month)

1. Superior Top Thread Tension Gauge for Mid and Longarm Machines.  Price: $34.95 (through April 21). A set of both gauges (the Towa gauge for the bobbin and the Superior gauge for the top) is available here.
showing how to use both gauges are also available on our website.
on using the gauges.

2. King Tut New 32 color card. Thread color cards made with the actual thread are here.

MasterPiece Cotton Piecing Thread
3. MasterPiece, the ideal piecing thread.
16 NEW colors available on both the 600 yd. spools and 3,000 yd. cones.  We now have a total of 75 colors. 
View the Color Grid for the new 25 colors.
The color card with the newest 25 colors will be available by mid-April.
36 additional colors of MasterPiece prewound bobbins are on the way and will be available in a BobbinSaver ring.

4. For those who use "woolly-like" thread in sergers, Polyarn is the ideal thread.  Because it is polyester and not nylon, it provides better coverage, better stretch recovery, much higher heat tolerance, and colorfastness.
We have 36 colors on 1,000 yd. cones and a handful of colors on large 8,500 yd. cones and White Polyarn on large 8,500 yd. cones has just been added.
If you use a serger and would like to try Polyarn, we offer a Try Me Special for only $2.00 for a 1,000 yd. cone with a 4-cone limit (regular price is $5.99).

Superior Threads Thread Dispenser5. Superior Thread Dispenser  We asked Annie ( to create this pattern because we had so many requests for a way to hold our new Kimono Silk spools. Many requested we wind Kimono Silk onto prewound bobbins and place them in a BobbinSaver, but cost wise, it isn't feasible. 
This new pattern is a great idea for Kimono Silk and other spools that you want to carry with you.
Special slots in each pocket enable you to easily thread a needle without removing the spools from their pockets, keeping everything neat and orderly.

  Specials logo (Small)

Superior Top Thread Tension Gauge
for Midarm and Longarm Machines is back in stock.  Videos are available on our website demonstrating how this gauge works.  There are also videos showing it in use on most major brands of longarm machines.
Introductory price of $34.95 will end on April 21.
A set of both gauges (the Towa gauge for the bobbin and the Superior gauge for the top) is available here.
Instructions on using the gauges.

Silk Thread by Superior Threads

#50 Silk
. 171 colors of Tire brand silk.  109 yds. Special introductory price = $3.99 (reg. $5.99)
#30 Silk. 71 colors of Tire brand silk.  55 yds. Special introductory price = $4.99 (reg. $7.99)
#16 Silk. 121 colors of Tire brand silk. Button Hole Silk (wound on cardboard, not a spool). 22 yds.  Special introductory price = $4.99 (reg. $7.99)
#50 Variegated Silk Variegated Silk.  273 yds.  24 colors.  Special introductory price = $9.99 (reg. $15.99)

50% off Glitter through the end of April. If you have never tried Glitter or have never been successful with other brands of hologram thread, this is for you.
Watch the video (see What's New section above), follow the three easy guidelines, and I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. 
To help you try it, Glitter is on sale this month at 50% off.
400 yd. spools: $3.00 (reg. $5.99).  24 colors.
3,300 yd. spools: $14.00 (reg. $28.00). 9 colors.

$3 Sample cones of OMNI Thread
If you would like to test this new thread to get a head start before all the 172 colors come in, we have some 1,000m (1,090 yd.) sample cones available.
OMNI thread is poly wrapped poly core thread made for midarm and longarm machines. Tex 30.

50% off 2,000 yd. cones of Art Studio Colors by Ricky Tims.
Art Studio Colors is a high-sheen trilobal polyester thread available in 36 beautiful colors. For quilting and embroidery.
$6.95 (reg. $13.90)

The La Mer DVD is on sale this month.
La Mer, by Martha Milne, is for those who use a home machine on a frame and who want to become more fluent in free-motion quilting.
April special: $19.95 (reg. $29.95).

William was on his deathbed and gasped pitifully to his wife, "Give me one last request, Dear," he said.
"Of course, William," his wife said softly, "What is it?"
"After I die," he said, "I want you to marry Jack."
"But I thought you hated Jack," she said.
With his last breath William said, "I do!"

 starburst shipping (Small)
CONTINUES within the U.S. 50 states.  You choose the products, we’ll choose the shipping method.  (Wholesale and business account orders have different shipping rates.)  You still have the option of
choosing faster shipping methods.
International orders: We now offer low Air Mail rates on international shipping to most countries.  Air Mail rates are available for packages up to 4 lbs.  International packages over 4 lbs. sent via the Post Office require Priority Mail or Express Mail rates.  UPS is also available. 

What I believe to be the most innovative quilting-related Internet company in the world is Websites For Quilters.  They also developed the FindMyFabric website and many others.  We use them and highly recommend them.  (This is an unpaid plug for them because we like the superior work they do.)  For more information, please click here.  They have designed hundreds websites for quilting-related individuals and companies as well as non-quilting related websites.

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