May 2011 Newsletter

May 2011 Superior Threads Newsletter

We usually choose our needle based on the size of thread, not based on the sewing application. The majority of professionals we talk to tell us they use the Topstitch style needle on home machines for most projects because it works so well for piecing, quilting, embroidery, crafting, and almost all sewing applications. Exceptions are when sewing on a knit fabric (use a ball point needle) or a very heavy denim or leather fabric (use a specialty needle).
The Topstitch needle has three advantages:
1. Large, elongated eye puts much less stress on the thread. This is especially beneficial for delicate, decorative, and sensitive threads.
2. Light sharp point.  Not razor sharp which cuts, but a light sharp point which separates the fabric fibers, then penetrates.
3. Deeper and wider groove which protects the thread.
Recommended sizes:
#70/10 for very fine threads (60 wt. and finer) such as MonoPoly, #100 silk, Bottom Line
#80/12 for fine threads.  50 wt. threads such as MasterPiece, So Fine, #50 silk
#90/14 for medium threads.  40 wt. threads such as King Tut, Rainbows, embroidery threads
#100/16 for heavier threads.  30 wt. and heavier
Titanium-coated Topstitch needles cost only 20 cents more per needle than a regular needle and last 5-8 times longer.

BOB'S TEACHING SCHEDULE. Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob
May 5. Salt Lake City, Utah.  HMQS show.  8:00 a.m.
May 13. Overland Park, Kansas. MQS show. 8:00 a.m.
May 21. Cal. State Northridge. Quilting in the Valley. 2:00 p.m.
May 23-25. St. George, Utah. Longarm Session School of Threadology

EDUCATION: Fusible Thread Applique Technique
The only reason you should have nylon thread in your sewing supplies is if you want it to melt. And there is a use for melting thread. Here is a wonderful technique using Charlotte's Fusible Web, a melting/fusible thread.
Imagine being able to appliqué without using the usual stiff adhesive webbing and without having to use pins.  Imagine appliqué work that remains soft. Here is a quick explanation of one way to use fusible thread. Video demonstrations are also available on our website.
The project: Appliqué fabric A to fabric B.
1.  Cut out fabric A to the desired shape.
2.  Stitch around the single layer of fabric A using Charlotte's Fusible Web thread in the bobbin and a smooth polyester thread on top.  We recommend MonoPoly (the dark smoke color is easier to see) or So Fine or Bottom Line as the top thread.
3.  Place fabric A on fabric B and iron using medium heat.  The bobbin thread, Charlotte's Fusible Web, is now sandwiched between the two layers.  Ironing will melt the nylon thread and fuse fabric A and fabric B together.
4.  Because the top thread is polyester, it will not melt and can be easily removed by pulling on it.
5.  Stitch around the outer edge in any desired stitch to finish the appliqué.
You now have a nicely appliquéd project without the stiff inner layer.
Heather (Mother Superior) and Annie (Superior Educator) demonstrate appliqué techniques using fusible thread instead of the standard fusible webbing.
See how easy it is to use Charlotte's Fusible Web for appliqué projects.
This is a great technique for appliqué, especially when multiple layers are involved.
Easy-to-follow video demonstrations showing various uses of fusible thread.


We realize that a Thread of the Month Club may not be for everyone. We tried to design it in such a way that it is an absolute no-brainer that screams, "Why wouldn't I want to be part of this?"
- FREE SHIPPING (USA addresses) or discounted shipping (international) on your monthly Club order including Superior products items you add to the Club shipment.
- No enrollment fees, management fees, or any type of fees.
- No time commitment.
- Wide variety of threads to choose from: King Tut, MasterPiece, So Fine, Bottom Line, OMNI, Embroidery, Silk, and a new Superior Sampler Club.
- Add, cancel, or switch Clubs any time.
- Member-only monthly discounts.
- Members get first chance to buy at discounted prices overstock products or products being discontinued.
NEW RETAIL CLUBS. Five new Clubs just added.
1.  Superior Sampler Club.  Includes one each of the following threads: King Tut (500 yds.), MasterPiece (600 yds.), Silk (#100 or #50), trilobal polyester (500 yd. spool of either Highlights, Nature Colors, Living Colors, or Art Studio Colors), Rainbows (500 yds.), and So Fine (550 yds.). $35.42 per month.
2.  OMNI Thread Club.  Our newest thread for midarm and longarm quilting.  6,000 yd. cones.  Three cones per month for only $36 (regular price would be $46.20).
3. Silk #50 Club. 6 spools per month. $35.94
4. Silk #30 Club. 4 spools per month. $31.96
5. Bottom Line Cones Club.  3,000 yd. cones.  3 cones per month.  $41.97
NEW WHOLESALE CLUBS. FREE SHIPPING (USA addresses) and Discounted Shipping (international) is now offered on Wholesale Thread of the Month Club shipments. Includes any additional thread orders added to the Club shipment. Wholesale accounts must log in to view Clubs. Five different wholesale clubs are available.


What is the School of Threadology?

Scheduled Sessions
1. May 23-25. St. George, Utah. Longarm School of Threadology Session.  (sold out)

2. June 29, 30, July 1. Honolulu, Hawaii. Three-day Certified Superior Threadologist Course.  Offered during Quilt Hawaii at the Marriott Hotel on Waikiki.

3. January 16-17, 2012. Ontario, CA.  Registration will be through Road to California quilt show office.

4. April 2012. St. George, Utah. The Silk Experience is coming to the School of Threadology. Conducted by one of the most knowledgeable silk specialists the world, Maggie Backman, The Silk Experience brings top teachers from around the world to teach all about silk. This class has been taught in Houston during International Quilt Festival for many years.  Two different 3-day classes will be offered at the School of Threadology next April. Registration information available at The Silk Experience

WHAT’S NEW (This Month)

Fusible Thread Videos1. Charlotte's Fusible Web videos. Heather (Mother Superior) and Annie (Certified Superior Educator) demonstrate applique techniques using fusible thread instead of using standard fusible webbing.
See how easy it is to use Fusible Thread for applique purposes.
Fuse without the stiffness of an adhesive webbing.
This is a great technique for appliqué, especially when multiple layers are involved.
Easy-to-follow video demonstrations showing various uses of fusible thread.

Longarm Tension Guide Reference Guides2. Our Longarm Top and Bobbin Tension Settings Charts have been updated and now include tension settings for OMNI Thread. 
Charts are available for most major brands of midarm and longarm machines and are based on measurements using the Towa Bobbin Tension Gauge and the Superior Top Thread Tension Gauge.  Set your machine tension settings to the range indicated on the chart and you will be able to use all quality threads.
A blank form is also available so you can record the exact tension settings on your machine for each thread.
Video demonstrations using these gauges are on our website.

WHAT’S NEW (Last Month)

Thread Education Videos1. Glitter Thread Education Video  Have you ever used a flat hologram thread?  Successfully?  Our hologram thread, Glitter, is guaranteed to work.  Simply follow three basic rules (tension, needle, and proper spool position) and you are in for a pleasant, sparkling surprise. In this 5-minute video, Cindy Needham demonstrates using Glitter on a home machine.
Cindy Needham is a certified Superior Educator and spends much of her time on the road teaching at quilt shops, guilds, and at major quilt shows.  She has been a guest on The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky, has been the featured artist at quilt shows, has has written articles for major publications.

2.  So Fine 550 yd. spools. We started with the original 50 colors (#401 through #450) and are gradually adding all 134 colors of So Fine in the 550 yd. spool size.  Four colors just arrived in the 550 yd. spools:
#451 Blizzard
#454 Sandstone
#473 Brooke
#492 Pastel Yellow

OMNI Poly-wrapped Poly Thread3.  OMNI Thread. OMNI Thread is a poly-wrapped poly core thread designed for longarm machine quilting. If you use Perma Core thread, you are going to absolutely love OMNI Thread.  It is cleaner, stronger, more colorful, and Superior.  OMNI Thread is designed as a high-speed machine quilting thread and is recommended as both a top thread and a bobbin thread.
Thread Specs:
Size: Tex 30 (approx. equivalent to a 40 wt. thread)
Construction:  100% polyester.  Filament polyester core wrapped with a spun poly outer layer.
Number of colors: 172 (97 colors currently in stock)
Cone size: 6,000 yds.
 Introductory Special:
OMNI 6,000 yds. for $10 (reg. $15.40). 97 colors.
OMNI Try Me Special. 1,090 yds. sample cone for only $3. 

Please be our Business Consultant. Send us your ideas to help us serve you better (products, education, website, customer service, etc.). We will award $30 gift certificates for the best ideas.  Click here to submit an idea.  This month's winning Business Consultants:

1. Sandy Foster.  I like the idea of your thread of the month club. Could you have a customized club where you send four or five spools of different types? For instance, I’d love to try MasterPiece, King Tut, Kimono Silk, Rainbows, and perhaps So Fine, with just one spool of each per month.
Bob's Note: We did it.  A Superior Sampler Club is now available.
2. Willie Shuck.  Can we try something novel? I'd like to be in each thread of the month club for a month. In other words, January for King Tut, February for MasterPiece, March for Kimono.  Is that an option?
Bob's Note: How about a sampler set of different threads each month?  This way you will receive a good variety every month.  A Superior Sampler Club is now available.

3. Candace Door.  I really like the Thread of the Month Club idea.  Any way of offering a Thread of the Month 'Mix-em-up' (different kinds) club?  Thanks!
Bob's Note: Lot's of requests for this one.  A Superior Sampler Club is now available.

4. Vicki Watkins.  The links from the Products page only show instructions for the Top Thread Tension Gauge.  I'm not sure how to thread the bobbin gauge.  I was successful with the Top Gauge as the stitches looked good.  I suggest that the bobbin gauge instructions and any helpful hints be added to the link.
Bob's Note:  We added the link on the bobbin gauge product description to a video demonstration on using the bobbin gauge as well as the top gauge.

5. Cathy Barrow.  How about a Thread of the Month club for those of us who just can't decide on one type of thread?   A variety pack of several different types of thread each month? I have been wanting to join but just can't decide which.
Bob's Note: We did it.  A Superior Sampler Club is now available.

6. Kathleen Cilker.  Is there any chance that you will offer a Thread of the Month Club for Bottom Line cones?
Bob's Note: We did it.  A Bottom Line Cone Club is now available.

7. Azlina Izlan.  I've recently started using Bottom Line thread for my quilting, both as a top thread and bobbin thread, and I really love how the quilting lines turn out. I went back to your website, hoping to join the Bottom Line Thread of the Month Club, but was disappointed to find that you only have a club for the small spools. As I quilt quite closely, I would actually need the 3,000 yd. cones to complete the queen and king sized quilts I usually make. I wanted to enquire if you intend to start a cone-sized Bottom Line club anytime soon, as you have for So Fine thread? I would definitely join if you do.
Bob's Note: We did it.  A Bottom Line Cone Club is now available.

8. Becky Serpe.  I am interested in your thread of the month club, but I find that I would like to be more diversified with the thread purchases. To be more clear, rather than just limited myself to King Tut, for example, I would like the option, of King Tut in
March, MasterPiece in April, Brytes in May, etc. Is there a way to mix up the membership?
Bob's Note: You may change clubs anytime but I think we can accomplish a similar goal by offering a variety set of threads each month.  A Superior Sampler Club is now available.

9. Bobbie Zipperian.  On your website, when ordering, you must click on Products – All Products – Thread  to get to the menu that lists all the thread lines (King Tut, MasterPiece, etc.).  After I have ordered King Tut products, I have to go back and do all that again. I suggest that you have a tab that would just take you back to Threads and the Threads menu so you can move on to another line (MasterPiece or my personal favorite, Rainbows) to order those threads.
Bob's Note: We made the Products button turn into a permanent drop-down menu.  By moving the mouse over a word, drop down menus appear.  This eliminates the need for multiple clicks.  We also added buttons on our home page to find thread by category (quilting, embroidery, sewing).

Specials logo (Small)

Fusible thread. With the demonstration videos now on our website, learn some amazing techniques using fusible thread.
115 yds. 100% nylon.
Applique without the stiffness of adhesive web.
On sale through the end of May.
$4.75 (reg. $5.99)

Original Brytes. This product is being discontinued and has been replaced with NEW Brytes. Original Brytes is a very smooth #30/3-ply polyester thread and more slick than the New Brytes.  (A few longarm machines do not like slick threads so we changed it.)  We still have some original Brytes in stock and are closing them out. Original Brytes works well in most longarm and all home machines.  We recommend using a HandyNet with original Brytes to keep the thread from sliding down the cone/spool.
275 yd. spools = $2.50 (reg. $5.95)
2,200 yd. cones = $7.00 (reg. $19.80)

OMNI Poly-wrapped Poly ThreadOMNI Thread. OMNI Thread is a poly-wrapped poly core thread designed for longarm machine quilting. If you use Perma Core thread, you are going to absolutely love OMNI Thread.  It is cleaner, stronger, more colorful, and Superior.  OMNI Thread is designed as a strong, entry-level thread for high speed quilting and is recommended as both a top thread and a bobbin thread.
Thread Specs

Size: Tex 30 (approx. equivalent to a 40 wt. thread)
Construction:  100% polyester.  Filament polyester core wrapped with a spun poly outer layer.
Number of colors: 172
Cone size: 6,000 yds.
Introductory Special: OMNI 6,000 yds. for $10 (reg. $15.40). 97 colors in stock.

DVD and Book set.  Thread Therapy by Dr. Bob DVD is a live recording of Bob's thread seminar. 
School of Threadology Book. Contains over 90 pages of educational information condensed from years of Bob's research and newsletter education.
This is the book used in our School of Threadology. 
Reference Guides are also included. 
Worth $10,000. Both for $34.95 (reg. $49.90).

Sitting on the side of the highway waiting to catch speeding drivers, a highway patrolman sees a car puttering along at 22 MPH. He thinks to himself, 'this driver is just as dangerous as a speeder,' so he turns on his lights and stops the car. Approaching the car, he notices that there are five old ladies, two in the front seat and three in the back, wide eyed and white as ghosts.
The driver, obviously confused, says to him, "Officer, I don't understand. I was doing exactly the speed limit. What seems to be the problem?"
"Ma'am," the officer replies, "you weren't speeding but you should know that driving much slower than the speed limit can also be a danger to other drivers."
"Slower than the speed limit? No sir, I was doing the speed limit exactly. Twenty-two miles an hour," the old woman said a bit proudly.
The State Police officer, trying to contain a chuckle, explained to her that 22 was the highway route number, not the speed limit.
A bit embarrassed, the woman grinned and thanked the officer for pointing out her error.
"But before I let you go Ma'am, I have to ask, 'Is everyone in this car OK?' These women seem awfully shaken up and they haven't muttered a single word this whole time."
The driver responded, "Oh, they'll be all right in a minute. We just got off Route 110."

 starburst shipping (Small)$3.95 SHIPPING ON ALL RETAIL ORDERS CONTINUES within the U.S. 50 states.  You choose the products, we’ll choose the shipping method.  (Wholesale and business account orders have different shipping rates.)  You still have the option of choosing faster shipping methods.
International orders:
We now offer low Air Mail rates on international shipping to most countries.  Air Mail rates are available for packages up to 4 lbs.  International packages over 4 lbs. sent via the Post Office require Priority Mail or Express Mail rates.  UPS is also available.

What I believe to be the most innovative quilting-related Internet company in the world is Websites For Quilters.  They also developed the FindMyFabric website and many others.  We use them and highly recommend them.  (This is an unpaid plug for them because we like the superior work they do.)  For more information, please click here.  They have designed hundreds websites for quilting-related individuals and companies as well as non-quilting related website.

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