June 2011 Newsletter

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June 2011 Superior Threads Newsletter

We often are asked, "How much thread it takes to quilt a quilt?" It depends on the size of the quilt and the type of quilting to be done.  Everyone's technique is different so the following are only averages. Of course it is possible to use much more or much less thread. These numbers are for the top thread only.

 . . . . . . . Light Quilting . Medium Quilting . Heavy Quilting
Lap/Crib Size  200 yds. . . . . . .400 yds.  . . . . . .  600 yds.
Twin Size        400 yds. . . . . . .800 yds. . . . . . .1,200 yds.
Queen Size     600 yds. . . . . 1,000 yds. . . . . . .1,600 yds.
King Size        800 yds. . . . . .1,400 yds. . . . . . .2,000 yds.

Recently we have received many questions regarding the world cotton situation.  It is common knowledge that the price of cotton has doubled over the past year.  The price of cotton depends largely on supply and demand.
 -- Increased population results in increased demand.
 -- Increased demand results in more cotton being planted.
 -- Weather and natural disasters affect the supply.
 -- Political unrest causes dealers and speculators to bid more for future cotton supplies.

Here are some interesting cotton facts:
A standard bale of cotton weighs 480 lbs.
Last year the world produced 114 million bales.
The top five cotton-producing countries:  
1. China (26% of total)
2. India (23% of total)
3. United States (16% of total)
4. Pakistan (8% of total)
5. Brazil (7% of total).

Egypt ranks number 15 among cotton-producing countries and produces only .0005% of the total amount. That is one-twentieth of one percent.  If Egypt is such a tiny dot on the cotton growing map, why is Egyptian cotton so prevalent?  Why is there so much Egyptian cotton clothing, bed sheets, towels, and thread?  The truth is, there isn’t.  The label may say Egyptian Cotton but the contents are not. Whether it is due to false advertising, misunderstanding, or ignorance on the part of seller, the fact remains that it is incorrect.  There is not enough Egyptian cotton in existence to produce all the products labeled as Egyptian Cotton.  It would be safe to say that there is 10,000 times more Egyptian cotton sold than grown.
Does it really matter?  Those who know cotton quality obviously understand that it does matter.  Otherwise, many companies would not be falsely claiming that their cotton is 'Egyptian Cotton' when in fact, it is not.  There is something about the climate, soil, water, and minerals in Egypt that is ideal to grow the highest grade cotton.  It is not possible to tell the origin of cotton fibers by examining them.  But your machine will know the difference.  A high grade cotton with advanced processing will be clean, smooth, and consistent.   

What about Superior’s MasterPiece and King Tut cotton thread?  As far as I can tell, we are the only thread company that can honestly say this: 100% extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton.  We buy cotton from Egypt, transport it by boat to Japan for spinning, twisting, finishing, mercerizing, dyeing, and winding, and then ship it to the U.S.  And it is guaranteed to work in your machine.


We tried to design our Thread of the Month Clubs in such a way that it screams, "Why wouldn't I want to be part of this?  The benefits are amazing."
- FREE SHIPPING (USA addresses) or discounted shipping (international) on your monthly Club order including all Superior products items you add to the Club shipment.
- No enrollment fees, management fees, or any type of fees.
- No time commitment. Start, add, cancel, or switch Clubs any time.
- Wide variety of threads to choose from such as King Tut, MasterPiece, So Fine, Bottom Line, OMNI, Embroidery, Silk, and a new Superior Sampler Club.
- Members-only amazing monthly discounts.
- Members get first chance to buy at discounted prices overstock products or products being discontinued.
RETAIL CLUBS.  14 different Clubs to choose from.
NEW WHOLESALE CLUBS. 5 different Clubs to choose from. FREE SHIPPING (USA addresses) and Discounted Shipping (international) is now offered on Wholesale Thread of the Month Club shipments. Includes any additional thread orders added to the Club shipment. Wholesale accounts must log in to view Clubs.


What is the School of Threadology?

Scheduled Sessions
1. June 29, 30, July 1. Honolulu, Hawaii. Three-day Certified Superior Threadologist Course.  Offered during Quilt Hawaii at the Marriott Hotel on Waikiki.

2. September 13, 20, 27, 2011.  Sue Gilgen Landscape Quilt class.  The class is held on three consecutive Tuesdays so we understand it is not feasible for those who travel but if you live near us, it's going to be a great class.  $195. Maximum of 14 students.

3. January 16-17, 2012. Ontario, CA.  Registration will be through Road to California quilt show office.  Maximum of 36 students.

4. February 2-4 and 6-8, 2012. St. George, Utah. The Silk Experience is coming to the School of Threadology. Conducted by one of the most knowledgeable silk specialists the world, Maggie Backman, The Silk Experience brings top teachers from around the world to teach all about silk. This class has been taught in Houston during International Quilt Festival for many years.  Two different 3-day classes will be offered at the School of Threadology. Registration information available at The Silk Experience

WHAT’S NEW (This Month)
1. Educational Video showing New Brytes (So Fine #30) thread.  In this 4-minute video, Cindy Needham shows how nicely New Brytes (soon to be re-named So Fine #30) enhances your quilt.  New Brytes is a #30/3-ply polyester thread so it is heavier than the average 40 wt. thread.  Ideal for quilting, thread painting, and embroidery.  See Specials below for this month's 40% off sale on New Brytes.

2. MP3MasterPiece is the finest extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton available.  It is ideal for piecing, detail quilting, applique, and as a bobbin thread.  We are changing MasterPiece from a 2-ply extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton to a 3-ply extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton thread.  With a nice even, smooth twist on this thread, you will not notice much difference in thickness but you will notice a wonderful difference in strength.  The added strength is worth it.  Even our longarm machines like the new 3-ply MasterPiece for detail quilting. 
Cotton prices have substantially increased over the past year and we have hesitated to raise the price of MasterPiece.  As the new MasterPiece 3-ply (I nicknamed it MP3) comes in, we will raise the price on the 600 yd. spools.  Instead of raising the price on the 3,000 yd. cones, we decided to make a 2,500 yd. cone and keep the price the same.  Until then, please continue to enjoy our MasterPiece thread at current prices.  The current price should remain for a couple more months.

3.  OMNI Color Book OMNI Thread Color Book (Color Card) will be available around June 20th.
Instead if making five separate color cards, we created an all-inclusive color book which includes actual thread samples for all 172 colors.
If you wish to be notified as soon as the color book arrives, please enter your email address here (in the box toward the bottom of the page).
This book is sold at our production cost of $14.

4. OMNI Thread. 75 NEW Colors of OMNI Thread are scheduled to arrive on June 15th.  This will bring the total to 172 colors.  OMNI Thread is a poly-wrapped poly core thread designed for longarm machine quilting. If you use Perma Core thread, you are going to absolutely love OMNI Thread.  It is cleaner, stronger, more colorful, and Superior.  OMNI Thread is designed as a high-speed machine quilting thread and is recommended as both a top thread and a bobbin thread.
Thread Specs:
Size: Tex 30 (approx. equivalent to a 40 wt. thread)
Construction:  multi-filament polyester core wrapped with a spun poly outer layer.
Number of colors: 172 (90 colors currently in stock)
Cone size: 6,000 yds.

5. Easier Website Navigation  We moved the Search buttons to a permanent spot on all web pages on our website. 
Toward the top of every page, you will see Search Products and Search Education.

6. Superior Threads Color Compatibility ChartOur color comparison/compatibility charts indicate which colors of one thread line are similar to or compatible with colors from another thread line.  For example, what would be a good So Fine color to use in the bobbin with a specific King Tut color on top? 
Some charts have been available for a long time but are unknown to many so we put all Color Compatibility Charts in the Reference Guides section.  Many more Color Compatibility Charts will be added soon.
The Reference Guides button appears on every page to the right of the Search buttons.

7. The Longarm Thread Reference Guide has been updated and now includes OMNI Thread information.
Our Home Machine Thread Reference Guide lists recommended needle and tension settings for all our threads when used on home machines.

8. Texture Magic DVD.  This DVD includes all 22 segments by Heather Purcell (Mother Superior) and Annie Unrein showing how to use Texture Magic in various applications.  Individual video clips are available for free on our website.  The advantage of having the DVD is being able to watch them on your TV or share with your guild while working on a Texture Magic project.  Newsletter special: $9.95 (reg. $19.99)

WHAT'S NEW (Last Month)

Fusible Thread Videos1. Charlotte's Fusible Web videos. Heather (Mother Superior) and Annie (Certified Superior Educator) demonstrate applique techniques using fusible thread instead of using standard fusible webbing.
See how easy it is to use Fusible Thread for applique purposes.
Fuse without the stiffness of an adhesive webbing.
This is a great technique for appliqué, especially when multiple layers are involved.
Easy-to-follow video demonstrations showing various uses of fusible thread.

Longarm Tension Guide Reference Guides2. Our Longarm Top and Bobbin Tension Settings Charts have been updated and now include tension settings for OMNI Thread. 
Charts are available for most major brands of midarm and longarm machines and are based on measurements using the Towa Bobbin Tension Gauge and the Superior Top Thread Tension Gauge.  Set your machine tension settings to the range indicated on the chart and you will be able to use all quality threads.
A blank form is also available so you can record the exact tension settings on your machine for each thread.
Video demonstrations using these gauges are on our website.

Specials logo (Small)

40% off this month.  NEW Brytes will soon be renamed So Fine #30.
A while back we changed the name from Brytes to New Brytes.  We also changed the thread so it is not as slick as the original Brytes.  The New Brytes is the exact same thread type as our popular So Fine thread (but heavier) and we decided to rebrand it.  So Fine #30 will soon be the new name for New Brytes.
New Brytes/So Fine #30 is on sale this month at 40% off regular prices. 
1,650 yd. cones are $11.88 (reg. $19.80)
275 yd. spools are $3.60 (reg. $5.99)

DVD and Book set.  Thread Therapy by Dr. Bob DVD is a live recording of Bob's thread seminar. 
School of Threadology Book. Contains over 90 pages of educational information condensed from years of Bob's research and newsletter education.
This is the book used in our School of Threadology. 
Reference Guides are also included. 
Worth $10,000. Both for $34.95 (reg. $49.90).

50% off pure filament silk ribbon.
Superior's Silk Ribbon
is available in 3 widths (2mm, 4mm, 7mm).
30 beautiful variegated colors and some solid colors.
50% off this month. Only $3.50 per pack (reg. $6.99).

Jack wakes up with a horrible hangover and a throbbing black eye. The first thing he sees is a rose on the side table and a loving note from his wife.
"Dear Jack, breakfast is made. I’ve gone shopping to make your favorite dinner tonight. I love you!"
He stumbles to the kitchen and sure enough, there’s breakfast.  "Johnny," he says to his son, "what happened last night?"
"You came home totally soused and got that black eye by tripping over a chair."
"So, why the rose, the breakfast, and the sweet note from your mother?"
"Oh, that. Mom dragged you to the bedroom and when she tried to take off your clothes, you screamed, 'Leave me alone! I’m married!'"


What I believe to be the most innovative quilting-related website development company in the world is Websites For Quilters. They also developed the website and many others. We use them and highly recommend them. (This is an unpaid plug for them because we like the superior work they do.) For more information, please e-mail here. They have designed hundreds websites for quilting-related individuals and companies as well as non-quilting related companies.

 starburst shipping (Small)$3.95 SHIPPING ON ALL RETAIL ORDERS CONTINUES within the U.S. 50 states.  You choose the products, we’ll choose the shipping method.  (Wholesale and business account orders have different shipping rates.)  You still have the option of choosing faster shipping methods.
International orders:
We now offer low Air Mail rates on international shipping to most countries.  Air Mail rates are available for packages up to 4 lbs.  International packages over 4 lbs. sent via the Post Office require Priority Mail or Express Mail rates.  UPS is also available.

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