Mid-December 2011 Newsletter

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Superior Threads Mid-December 2011 Newsletter

This has been a wonderful year.  The Thread of the Month Club is almost a year old and continues to be of great value to our Club members.  Superior University starts next month and promises to be a fun and rewarding educational program.  Many new and innovative products are in the works for 2012.  Thank you for being part of us and thank you for using our products.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the way threads are twisted.  Some refer to the twist as a right or left twist, but the proper terminology is S or Z twist. All sewing, embroidery, and quilting thread made for home machines, standard industrial sewing machines, and longarm machines should have a final Z twist pattern. 
Twisted threads are made up of multiple strands or plies, usually two or three strands twisted together. On thread made for machines, the primary twist, or the twist on the individual strands or plies of thread, are made with an S twist.  These strands are then twisted together in a final Z twist pattern to form the thread.
There are threads that have the opposite twist. Some hand quilting, knitting, and weaving threads have a final S twist. If you use a thread with an opposite twist (final S twist) in a machine, the thread will loosen instead of tighten as you sew with it.  Threads are not marked with the twist pattern. If you use quality thread from a reliable company and use it for its intended purpose, most likely it has the proper twist.

Superior University starts in mid-January. For only $16.95 per month (includes shipping to U.S.A. addresses), we will send you a carefully designed project including selected products. You will receive a simple pattern and easy-to-follow instructions to create a project.  Many projects will include a product or technique you may have never tried before.  The purpose is to help you increase your knowledge and use of threads and related products which will add more possibilities to your sewing projects. For details, please visit Superior University.
Open enrollment (start and stop any time). No contract. No registration fees/federal excise taxes/dealer prep/fuel surcharges, destination charges, or other fast-talking hidden charges.

WHAT’S NEW (This Week)
1.  When you go to a Product page such as King Tut or Bottom Line or Rainbows, you will see many colorful tabs.  One new tab is labeled Sample Photos.  We have linked photos of quilts to the thread lines represented.  For example, see how Bottom Line looks when used a top thread. See King Tut in a beautiful quilt. Photos also link to Mother Superior's Gallery which shows detailed photos.

2.  The Superior Blog is back.  After taking a few months vacation from blogging, we're back.  Most blogs are thread related; sometimes we detour to other fun topics.  Two members of our Superior staff (Todd and Kyle from the Superior Singers) recently helped make a music video.

3.  Our Color Compatibility Charts list similar and compatible colors across thread lines.  For example, if you are using King Tut color X on top, what is a similar/compatible color in So Fine #50 for the bobbin? Two new charts are not available:
King Tut to OMNI
OMNI to King Tut
List of currently available charts. More charts are on the way.

4.  We just added 24 more patterns to our website.  Heather (Mother Superior) and Annie work well together designing quilts. 
Most of the quilts we display in our booths at shows are the joint effort of their creativity. Heather visualizes a quilt, they create the design, Annie writes the pattern, Heather chooses the fabric and pieces the quilt, and talented quilters around the country do the quilting.  Annie has created many patterns for quilts, bags, and accessories.

5.  Order Pick Up Option.  If you plan a trip to or drive through southern Utah, please visit us. If you order online, you now can select the "I will pick up my order" option.  We are open Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and visitors are always enjoyed. St. George is in the southwest corner of Utah and we can see Arizona from our windows. We are less than two hours from Las Vegas.

6.  APQS-recommended longarm needles are now available in size #14 (MR 3.0).

7.  Superior University is available for quilt shops and sewing machine stores to use as in-store classes.  Please contact Ricci if interested.

WHAT’S NEW (two weeks ago)
1. Thread Therapy Thread Set (without DVD).  This thread set is a companion to the DVD seminar, Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob. Threads and Needles discussed in the DVD are included in this set. It is offered here without the DVD for those who already have the DVD. 
Thread Set Includes:
Superior Metallic 500 yds.
King Tut 500 yds.
MasterPiece 600 yds.
So Fine #50 550 yds.
Rainbows 500 yds.
Bottom Line 1,420 yds.
Kimono Silk #100 220 yds.
Superior Topstitch Needles. Pack of 5 assorted sizes.
(Colors may vary from image)
A $62.39 value for $37.45

2. Two new Apps for Apple and Android phones are ready for free downloading.
The "How much thread?" app estimates how much thread it will take to quilt various sizes of quilts.
The "Thread Selection Guide" app helps you determine the best thread for your desired use.
To download the apps, you may search for them in the Android Market or the iTunes Store or simply click on the links below. More apps are on the way.
How Much Thread
Thread Selection Guide

How Much Thread
Thread Selection Guide

3. Sampler Set for Longarm Quilters.  The Longarm Sampler  has been revised and has a lower price. Almost 50% off.
This set contains one each of the most popular longarm threads.
Contains 96-page color catalog
Longarm Machine Thread Reference Guide
Rainbows (2,000 yds.)
Bottom Line (3,000 yds.)
So Fine #50 (1,000 yds.)
King Tut 300 yd. mini Cone
SuperBOBs (L-style & M-style x 1 each)
So Fine #40 variegated (1,650 yds.)
OMNI Thread (1,000 yds.)
LAVA (2,000 yds.)
Longarm Machine Thread Reference Guide
$95.00 value for $54.95

4. Hugo's Tape in the 2-inch wide size
Exact same glue-less tape but twice as wide as the regular size.
2 inches wide x 50 feet long.
Ideal for cones.
$12.95 (reg. $16.50)


Please vote for your favorite $30 winning idea of the year.  All the winning ideas are posted on the Winner's Page, where you can vote for the best idea of the year.  One vote per computer. Voting ends midnight (Mountain Time) on Dec. 31, 2011 and the two winners will be announced in next month's newsletter.
1st Place Prize: $250 Gift Certificate
2nd Place Prize: $150 Gift Certificate

Please be our Business Consultant.  Post your ideas here to help us serve you better (products, education, website, customer service, etc.). We will award a $30 gift certificate for the best ideas.  This month's winning Consultants:
1.  Tami Wade.  When I am shopping on your website, there are so many things I want to buy!  I usually add everything I want to my cart, but then have to decide (according to my budget for the month) which of those things I want the most and clear the others from my cart.  It would be great if I didn't have to remove them but instead had the choice to move them to my wish list.  That way, the next time I am shopping, the items I didn't purchase last time are already in my wish list ready to jump into my cart!
Bob’s note: This function has been programmed.

2.  Louisa Betts.  I wish the out of stock items had a way to add them to the wish list.  I was going to order but one of the items was out of stock.
Bob’s note: This function has been programmed.

3. Vernita Dailey.  I teach lectures and workshops and promote  your threads and needles.  During the workshop I always give them a couple of needles to use and keep.  Do you have the needles to purchase in bulk?  I use 20-30 needles of all sizes during a workshop and would like to purchase in bulk if at all possible.
Bob's Note: We are offering our titanium-coated Topstitch needles in bulk through the end of this month.  50 needles (5 needles per pack x 10 packs). See Specials below.

Thread of the Month 
 * Fantastic benefits for Club members including free shipping (U.S.A. addresses) or discounted shipping (international).
 * Members-only private sales.

 * Price Guarantee. Club members are guaranteed that the price for Club threads will not increase for the monthly Club shipments.  For example, the price of King Tut and MasterPiece spools recently increased.  However, the Club price stayed at the original level.  This means that if you join a club now, your prices are at the original Club level, not the current higher price.
 * No contract.  Start and stop anytime.
For details, please visit the Thread of the Month Club.

School of Threadology
What is the School of Threadology?

January 16-17, 2012. Ontario, Calif.  Certified Superior Threadologist course.  Register through Road to California quilt show office.  Limited capacity (4 spots left). Monday (Jan. 16) is a holiday which may make attending this 2-day session convenient.
Other 2012 sessions will be listed in the January newsletter.

Superior titanium-coated Topstitch needles in bulk.
50 needles (5 needles per pack x 10 packs).
Available in size #70/10, #80/12, #90/14, and #100/16.

Needles are prepacked in packs of 50 needles per style.
25% off through the end of the month. $52.42 (reg. $69.99).

Hugo's Amazing Tape is a no-glue self-clinging tape that can be reused over and over.  No sticky residue. Strong and durable.  Excellent for wrapping around cones/spools of thread to keep the ends from unraveling.  Ideal to keep quilt strips and fabric rolls organized.
Wrap around boxes to keep them closed, books to keep pages open, wrapping paper and ribbon to prevent unwinding, and to secure objects. Works wet or dry.
Introductory price: 1 inch wide x 50 feet long. $8.95 (reg. $14.95).

Hugo's Amazing Tape in the 2-inch wide size.
Exact same glue-less tape but twice as wide as the regular size.
Ideal for cones.
2 inches wide x 50 feet long.
(reg. $16.50)

35% off Highlights and Art Studio Colors 2,000 yd. cones.
Both these threads are premium high-sheen trilobal polyester, ideal for machine quilting, embroidery, and applique.
For home machines, please refer to the Home Machine Reference Guide for recommended needle and tension settings.
For longarm machines, please refer to the Longarm Tension Guide chart.
Please also watch our educational video demonstrating premium trilobal polyester. Art Studio Colors and Highlights are the exact same thread type, just different color collections.

Highlights is also $9 for 2,000 yd. cones.
Only $9 during December (reg. price is $13.90)

Superior SamplerSampler Sets  If you are not familiar with many of our products, we offer a variety of Sampler Sets at discounts of approx. 40% off.
Home Quilting Sampler Set
Longarm Quilting Sampler Set
Embroidery Sampler Set
Embellishment Sampler Set (for bobbin work/serger/couching)
Silk Sampler set

If you missed Bob's Christmas Message, it is posted on our Newsletter web page.


A man is stopped by the police at 2 a.m. and is asked where he is going at this time of night.  The man replies, "I am on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late."
The officer then asks, "Really?  And just who would be giving that lecture at this time of night?"
The man replies, "That would be my wife."

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