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February 10, 2012 Newsletter. Mid-month SHORT EDITION

EDUCATION:  All About Rayon
Why doesn’t Superior sell rayon thread?
  Occasionally we are asked why we do not have any rayon thread.  After all, rayon is the most commonly used thread in the embroidery industry, is relatively inexpensive, and has a beautiful sheen.  The answer is because rayon is weak and usually not colorfast.  It is not the recommended quality fiber for quilting or embroidery.

What is rayon? Unlike cotton thread, which is made from a natural source, and unlike polyester, which is made from man-made polymers, rayon (commonly referred to as viscose rayon) is a mixture of nature and manufacturing.  The textbook definition of rayon is "a manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose."
The major source of cellulose required in the creation of rayon is wood pulp, which is produced from timber. After the bark has been removed, the wood is chipped into very small pieces, boiled under pressure, chemically treated, washed, and then dried.  The final product is a hybrid material called viscose rayon.

Colorfastness  A few years ago I angered a competitor when I made the statement that rayon usually is not colorfast.  They responded that their rayon thread was indeed colorfast because it does not fade in cold water.  It is important to make sure you understand what is meant by a company’s claim of colorfastness.  The definition is obviously not the same for everyone.  To most, colorfastness is the ability to be washed and worn without the color fading or running.  Does washing include bleach or brightening agents?  Test it before you use it.

Where is rayon made?  Rayon is no longer made in the U.S. In 2004, the last of the U.S. rayon production facilities were closed due to EPA regulations.  Current rayon producing countries include China, India, and some European countries.

If not rayon, then what?  Because we cannot take the chance of our thread fading, running or bleeding, we do not use, sell, or recommend rayon thread.  The better choice is trilobal polyester. Trilobal poly has the same high sheen as rayon or silk, but is stronger and colorfast.  It costs more than rayon, but the quality and peace of mind are well worth it. Our trilobal polyester threads include Highlights, Nature Colors, Living Colors, Rainbows (variegated), and Art Studio Colors.
See Specials below for sales this month.

Superior University  Learn about products and how to use them, on your schedule and in your home.
Open enrollment (start and stop anytime).
Only $16.95 per month including product, instruction, and shipping (to U.S. addresses).
The February course shipment will include FREE of charge the DVD Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob for all who have enrolled by Feb. 14, 2012.  A $24.95 value.  A lovely Valentine's gift!
What? Why? When? Who? Where? How?  Please visit Superior University for photos, videos, Q&A, comments, and enrollment.

WHAT’S NEW (this month)
1. PAYPAL has been available as a payment method for most orders.  It is now an option for automatic billing/subscription to Superior University.  If you are already enrolled and want change the method of payment to PayPal, after logging in to your account, click on My Account and follow the directions.  For new enrollees, simply add Superior University to your cart. Because the University is a subscription product, please make sure that it is the only item in your cart upon checkout.  You will see the PayPal option during checkout.

2. Superior THREAD HOLDER, an innovation in thread delivery.
For use with both Spools and Cones
Multiple threading options for specialty threads
Fits cones and spools up to 3.5" in diameter
Use horizontally or vertically
Sturdy, yet lightweight and portable
Directions for the new Superior Thread Holder
Videos showing how to use the new Superior Thread Holder

3.  New Thread of the Month Club options.  Razzle Dazzle Club, Silk Ribbon Club, and Poly Quilter. See Thread of the Month Club, e-mail Pati, the Club Manager, or call toll free 1-855-415-7122.

4.  New video page layout.  View over 100 educational videos, all free of charge.

5.  Mother Superior (Heather) and University Chancellor Dr. Ricci recently made a video showing bobbinwork using Razzle Dazzle.  Great information for the first lesson of Superior University.

6.  The Deal of the Day specials are valid for two weeks from the day they are announced but they must be added to your shopping cart the day the deal is offered.  The special price will expire two weeks from the original date, so make sure you complete the purchase by then, or the price will revert back to the original price.

$30 IDEA WINNERS  Please be our Business Consultant.  Post your ideas here to help us serve you better (products, education, website, customer service, etc.). We award $30 gift certificates for the best ideas.  This week's winning Consultants have been sent a $30 gift certificate.
1. Alice Hix.  Have you thought about having a Show & Tell for the monthly Superior University projects?  I would love to see what others do with each project and read any comments that they have regarding it.
Bob's Note: Many have already completed Course 101 and sent some photos of their finished projects.  We created a Show & Tell tab on the University page. We will add more as you send us photos. Other tabs on the University pages show comments/reviews from participants, videos demonstrating the products, and a Q&A section.

Free shipping on all Club orders
Members-only specials
Open enrollment. Start and stop any time.
The February Club shipments will include the DVD Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob FREE of charge.  A $24.95 value. Happy Birthday from Bob.
For details, please visit Thread of the Month Club

School of Threadology
We have one session in March and one in June. Click here for details.

Most future sessions of our School of Threadology will be offered through our new Superior University program. Learn in your home and on your schedule via our monthly projects.  It may not be as fun as visiting our campus, but it is less expensive and more convenient for you and we can teach more by offering a new project each month.  A DVD containing a live recording of Bob's seminar, Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob, will be included as part of Superior University and will be sent in mid-February with the February shipment to all who enroll by February 14, 2012.

Bob's February Birthday Specials

Try Me Specials This is a fantastic way to try new products.  You choose the product, we choose the colors, and you save 40-50%. Available for most products.

Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob, a DVD containing a live recording of Bob's seminar, will be included FREE with the February shipment to all who are enrolled in Superior University by February 14, 2012 and also with all Thread of the Month Club shipments during February.

500 yd. spoolsHighlights and Art Studio Colors trilobal polyester. These two threads are the same thread type but in different color groups.
High-sheen trilobal polyester thread, ideal for both quilting and embroidery.
29 colors (on spools) of Highlights and 36 colors of Art Studio Colors.
500 yd. spools. (see below for sale on 2,000 yd. cones.)
More than 40% off through the end of February. $3.50 (reg. $5.99). No Limit.

2,000 yd. conesHighlights and Art Studio Colors trilobal polyester. These two threads are the same thread type but in different color groups.
High-sheen trilobal polyester thread, ideal for both quilting and embroidery.
39 colors (on cones) of Highlights and 36 colors of Art Studio Colors.
2,000 yd. cones.
40% off through the end of February. $8.34 per cone (reg. $13.90). No Limit.

Rainbows variegated trilobal polyester.
High-sheen trilobal polyester thread ideal for both quilting and embroidery.
2,000 yd. cones.
62 variegated colors.
30% off through the end of February. $13.86 (reg. $19.80). No Limit.

Assortment Pack of Topstitch Needles
Long lasting Titanium-coated Superior Topstitch needles. Includes the following needles:
#70/10 x 1 needle
#80/12 x 1 needle
#90/14 x 2 needles
#100/16 x 1 needle
30% off through February.  $4.89 (reg. $6.99). That's less than a dollar a needle. No Limit.

Perfect Quilter  We need to make room for new products. All remaining stock of Perfect Quilter is less than half price.  Perfect Quilter is a #30/3-ply cotton and is being discontinued.  Available on both 300 yd. mini cones and 2,500 yd. cones.  Perfect Quilter is a heavier cotton thread and intended to be visible on your quilts.  Works well on home machines with a Topstitch #100/16 needle.  Some longarm machines (tight-tensioned machines) do not run it well.  Loosely-tensioned longarm machines are fine.
300 yd. mini cones $3.75 (reg. $8.99).  27 colors remaining. Less than half price.
2,500 yd. cones $10 (reg. $29.99).  6 colors remaining. Way less than half price.

50% off pure filament silk ribbon.
Superior's Silk Ribbon is available in 3 widths (2mm, 4mm, 7mm).
30 beautiful variegated colors and some solid colors.
50% off this month.
Only $3.50 per pack (reg. $6.99).

Superior Sampler Sampler Sets   If you are not familiar with many of our products, we offer a variety of Sampler Sets at discounts of approx. 40% off.
Home Quilting Sampler Set
Longarm Quilting Sampler Set
Embroidery Sampler Set
Embellishment Sampler Set (for bobbin work/serger/couching)
Silk Sampler set

Need a new or upgraded website?  What I believe to be the most innovative quilting-related Internet company in the world is Websites For Quilters.  They also developed many websites in the quilting world including the FindMyFabric website and the Quilter's Daily Special website.  We use them and highly recommend them.  (This is an unpaid plug for them because we like the superior work they do.)  For more information, please click here.   They have designed hundreds of websites for quilting-related individuals and companies as well as non-quilting related websites.

I made a traffic stop on an elderly lady the other day for speeding on  U.S. 166 eastbound at Mile Marker 73.  I asked for her driver's license, registration, and proof of  insurance.  The lady took out the required information and handed it to me.  In with the cards, I was somewhat surprised (due to her advanced age) to see she had a concealed weapons permit. I looked at her and asked if she had a weapon in her possession at this time.  She responded that she indeed had a .45 automatic in her glove box.  Something – body language, or the way she said it – made me want to ask if she had any other firearms. She did admit to also having a 9mm Glock in her center console. Now I had to ask one more time if that was all. She responded once again that she did have just one more, a .357 Magnum, in her purse. I then asked her what was she so afraid of.
She looked me right in the eye and said, "Not a thing!"

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