March 1, 2012 Newsletter

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March 2012 Newsletter. This newsletter and previous newsletters may be viewed on our website.

We may be best known as a quilting thread company, but many customers use our threads for embroidery, general sewing, clothing construction, and crafting.  So Fine #50 is ideal for sewing clothes and delicate fabrics because it has low elongation and helps minimize puckering at the seams.  OMNI thread is ideal for sewing heavier garments such as outerwear and denim, and is also the perfect serger thread.  Both of these threads are high quality and multi functional. If you want additional information about apparel thread or other thread applications, please contact us.

1.  This week.  March 1-4. Sewing and Stitchery Expo, Puyallup, WA.  One seminar each day.  Register at the show.
2.  March 9-10. Arizona Quilters Guild show in Mesa, AZ.  Friday, March 9th at 3:30 p.m. and Saturday, March 10th at 10:00 a.m.  Tickets are free, but must be reserved in advance through the guild.  Here is the link: Arizona Quilters Guild

EDUCATION:  Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Q: Would you consider producing MonoPoly (invisible thread) on larger cones instead of just the spool?
A: It is now being made and 10,000 yd. cones will be here in a couple months. We will ship each cone with a HandyNet to prevent unraveling. We recommend keeping the HandyNet on even during use.

Q: I use a lot of monofilament thread, but find winding it onto the bobbin is a bit of a challenge. Would it be possible to have prewound bobbins in your MonoPoly?
A: This has been in the testing phase for a long time and we are now producing our first batch of reduced-sheen Clear MonoPoly prewound bobbins which will be available on Class 15 (A Style) bobbins (for Janome, Singer, and other brands of machines). L Style bobbins will be next.

Q: Any thought of adding prewound Kimono Silk bobbins for applique? As many people prefer silk for applique, this would allow us to carry around a large range of colors.
A:  We considered this but realized the cost would be too high.  The spools hold 220 yds. and we could wind about 160 yds. on a bobbin.  That would make the price of a single bobbin over $4.00, so a set of prewound silk bobbins would be very expensive. To make a portable silk thread applique kit, we asked our favorite pattern designer to make a pattern for a small, convenient travel case to hold the small Kimono Silk spools. Here is the Superior Thread Dispenser pattern, ideal for the small Kimono Silk spools.

Q: How about selling your needles in larger "packs," perhaps boxed in quantities of 25, 50 or 100.
A: We offered this as a previous special and will offer it again this month.  See Specials section below.

Q: I prefer to read the newsletter on the web rather than in the e-mail.  Can you post them somewhere on your website?
A: Current and past newsletters are posted to the Newsletter page on our website.

Q: Printed words seem to be shrinking in size as time goes by.  Can you increase the font size of your web pages?
A: On our home page, in the top right-hand corner, there is a Font button with a drop-down menu.  The default setting is Normal.  The drop-down menu will give you a Big and Huge option.

Q: Can I order additional products to ship with the Superior University and still get free shipping?
A: We operate Superior University very close to our operation cost.  Our educational efforts (seminars, this newsletter, website, DVDs, School of Threadology) are not designed as a profit base.  Adding other items to the Superior University shipment would increase shipping costs and we would then not be able to keep the University priced at $16.95.

Q: I wish each cone came in a removable cover bag that could be reused to cover the cone when not in use.  It would help with dust. Or, you could sell thread bags separate in bulk for those of us that don’t use thread drawers.
A: Empty bags for cones are available on our website. 50 bags for $6.00.

Q: Last month I purchased some of the thread Color Cards. I put them in plastic sleeve covers and filed them in my Superior University notebook. I think it would be great if they were sized and had 3 hole punches that fit in a notebook. It would make it much easier to look through and to turn the pages. Especially if a customer was wanting to help choose thread for a quilt top.
A: In the works.  All future production of our color cards will be standardized to 8.5 x 11 size and will have three holes punched along the left-hand side.

Q: I just discovered that you don't have a "quick order" page. I have a list of the threads I want to order but still have to hunt for the product and order each one separately. A quick order page would be great.
A: We have this.  We have a Quick Add Products link toward the bottom of our home page and also on the Shopping Cart page.  Item numbers, color names, and product names can all be used to populate immediate choices to add to your cart

Q: Can you add a link at the bottom of the newsletter page for updating your profile or email address? I see many other newsletters are now doing this and it is saving me so much time right now when I have changed my address.
A:  It is there, near the bottom of every newsletter. "THANK YOU for reading. Please forward to a friend and have a SUPERIOR day. To change your subscribed e-mail address or if this was forwarded to you and you want your very own copy personally sent to your e-mail Inbox, please click here: Subscribe. To unsubscribe, click the link at the bottom of the e-mail."

Q: I use a lot of fine bobbin thread, sometimes as a top thread and always in the bobbin. I'd love to find a place to purchase large cones because I wind my own bobbins. There's so little choice in color of bobbin thread and the large cones are hard to find. Have you thought of carrying bobbin thread in large cones?
A: We have 33,000 yd. jumbo cones of Bottom Line, the best bobbin thread in the world.  Available in 43 colors.

Superior University
What is it?  Each month, we will send you a carefully designed project including a featured product. You will receive a simple pattern and easy-to-follow instructions to create a small project.  Many projects will include a product or technique you may have never tried before.  The focus is on learning a skill or technique and not on the finished project. These are simple projects that can be completed in a short time.
How long does it take?  30 to 90 minutes each month.  Emphasis is on the technique, not the finished project.  Our purpose is to help you increase your knowledge and use of threads and related products which will add more possibilities to your sewing projects.
When does it start?  Anytime.  Regardless when you enroll, you will start with Course 101 and progress each month.  It is an open enrollment (start and stop any time). No contract. No registration fees/federal excise taxes/dealer prep/fuel surcharges, or other fast-talking hidden charges.
My friend started in January. Can I start now but be on the same track as she is? If you request it, you can purchase the first two or three courses in order to be on the same track as your friend.  Otherwise, we recommend you start with Course 101 when you enroll.  Either way, you will not miss out on anything.
When does it ship?  Between the 15th and 20th of each month. Enrollment stops on the 14th of each month for that month's shipment.
Who is it for?  With students ranging from absolute beginners to experienced and skilled sewists, Superior University will offer something for everyone.  Of course, some lessons may be easy for some, yet challenging for others, but they will help everyone obtain a skill or improve a technique.
How much does it cost?  Only $16.95 per month (including shipping to U.S. addresses) and a one-time Starter Kit fee of $29.95 (including shipping to U.S. addresses).  International shipments incur postage fees.
Why?  Since our beginning, our focus has been quality and education.  Our School of Threadology was developed to teach you everything we know about thread, needles, and tension and how they interact. Superior University is our way to offer our School of Threadology to you, in your home, and on your schedule. 
Superior University for Guilds and Stores.  Superior University is also available for stores to teach as a monthly class or workshop. Contact Ricci for details.
A Look Inside. Course 101 teaches bobbinwork using Razzle Dazzle decorative thread and a fairly new product called Soft and Stable, which was developed to use in place of batting or other stabilizers in purses, bags, totes, and more.  Soft and Stable is lightweight, maintains its shape, gives a professional finish to your project, is the only foam with fabric on both sides, is easy to sew, and is washer and dryer safe.  Click here for Annie's video on Soft and Stable
More video support. Mother Superior (Heather) and University Chancellor, Dr. Ricci made a video showing bobbinwork using Razzle Dazzle.  Great information for Course 101.
Student FeedbackClick here to view
Show and Tell. See photos of completed projects sent to us from many participants.
For more information and enrollment, visit Superior University

WHAT’S NEW (this month)
1.  We have created a new tab on most Product pages called "Sample Photos" which display how a particular thread looks in a project.  Whether it has been quilted, sewn, or embroidered, there are detailed photos which will show how the thread looks.  The quilts which are shown in the sample photos are linked to our Gallery, which has over 100 quilts on digital display.  Click here to view King Tut sample photos.

2.  Mother Superior presents a one-minute video introducing our titanium-coated Topstitch needles.

Superior is now pinning on Pinterest!  Haven't heard of Pinterest?  Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their quilting projects, map out their next craft project, and organize favorite recipes.  With Pinterest, you can digitally organize your pinboard and, best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.  Click here to follow us and see what we are pinning onto our virtual pinboard.

New Website Design Coming Soon!
We have been working on a site-wide redesign and are very close to launch. Thank you to many of you for ideas and feedback on how we can improve our site.  A few notable changes will include
* Easier home page navigation and product finding
* General category buttons such as Quilting Thread, Sewing Thread, etc.
* Blog Preview will be available on the home page
* New sidebar with options instead of tabbed-options for product lines

WHAT’S NEW (last month)
Superior THREAD HOLDER, an innovative notion for thread delivery.
For use with both Spools and Cones
Multiple threading options for specialty threads
Fits cones and spools up to 3.5" in diameter
Use horizontally or vertically
Sturdy, yet lightweight and portable
Directions for the new Superior Thread Holder
Videos showing how to use the new Superior Thread Holder

2.  New Thread of the Month Club options.  Razzle Dazzle Club, Silk Ribbon Club, and Poly Quilter. See Thread of the Month Club or e-mail Pati, the Club Manager.

3.  New video page layout.  View over 100 educational videos free of charge.

4.  Mother Superior (Heather) and University Chancellor, Dr. Ricci recently made a video showing bobbinwork using Razzle Dazzle.  Great information for the first lesson of Superior University.

5.  The Deal of the Day specials are valid for two weeks from the day they are announced.  They must be added to your shopping cart or wish list and checkout completed within that time period.  The price will revert back to the original price after two weeks of the announced Deal date.

$30 IDEA WINNERS  Please be our Business Consultant.  Post your ideas here to help us serve you better (products, education, website, customer service, etc.). We award $30 gift certificates for the best ideas.  This week's winning Consultants have been sent a $30 gift certificate.
1. Katrina Branting.  Would it be possible to include a description of the thread type in the Deal of the Day?  I'm not sure if Living Colors thread is cotton or polyester, 40 wt. or 50-wt. and for use in the needle or bobbin, for quilting or piecing or embellishment, etc.
Bob's Note.  Done.  This information is now included.

2. Jude Michalak.  LOVE the new thread stand and have sold some already.  It is especially useful to me, right now, with my embroidery machine (which I am new at!).  Because I use cones of thread, instead of spending time with every thread change threading it through the hole on top of the holder, I cut the thread of the old cone near the top of the cone, remove the cone, and tie the new thread on and pull it through!  The old serger trick.

3. Becky Cardwell.  Somewhere on the Deal of the Day e-mail, could we get a button to link us to that product's main page? For example, a recent deal was for Rainbows thread and I wanted to know if it can be used on my longarm.
Bob's Note. Done. This will be added starting today.

4. Dianne Brisson.  Can you add a note on the Deal of the Day e-mail showing the dates of validity?  That way I will know by what date I must place my order to not miss out on the deal.
Bob's Note. Done. This will be added starting today. Deal of the Day prices are valid for two weeks from the day they are announced.  We will add a line stating, This price is valid through -----.


 * More than a dozen clubs to choose from. Collect the entire line of your favorite thread, a few spools at a time, and enjoy the benefits.
 * Free shipping (U.S.A. addresses) or discounted shipping (international) for monthly Club shipments including all add-on thread orders shipped with it.
 * Members-only private sales
 * Price Guarantee. Club members are guaranteed that the price for Club threads will not increase for the monthly Club shipments.  For example, the price of King Tut and MasterPiece spools recently increased.  However, the Club price stayed at the original level.  This means that if you join a club now, your prices are at the original Club level, not the current higher price.
 * No contract.  Start and stop anytime.
 * Available for both Wholesale and Retail accounts.
For details, please visit the Thread of the Month Club

School of Threadology

1.  March 20-23, 2012. St. George, Utah. MY DESIGN by Cindy Needham.  Cindy has created this workshop for the confident beginner up to the experienced free motion quilter.  She will provide you with a solid foundation on thread choices, how to make good quilting design choices, how to create and design fabulous feathers and her new French paisley designs, and how to create beautiful background designs with minimal marking.  Everyone will go home with a beautiful wholecloth sampler quilt that is created during the week. Cost of $400 includes 4 full days of Cindy's workshops, 4 lunches and 3 dinners.  Price does not include airfare or hotel accommodations.  (The class is full but we have a wait list sign up available.) Contact Ricci to register.

2.  June 29-July 1, 2012. Kauai, Hawaii. 3-day Certified Superior Threadologist course offered during Quilt Hawaii.  Aloha.  Thread classes almost on the beach.  Life is good.

3.  Most future sessions of our School of Threadology will be offered through our new Superior University program. We provide detailed instruction in your home and on your schedule via our monthly class.  It may not be as fun as visiting our campus, but it is less expensive and more convenient for you, and we can teach more by offering a new project each month.  A DVD of a live recording of Bob's seminar, Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob, will be included free of charge ($24.95 value) as part of Superior University and will be sent with the first project.

Try Me Specials This is a fantastic way to try new products.  You choose the product, we choose the colors, and you save 40-50%. Available for most products.

Superior titanium-coated Topstitch needles in bulk. Fit all home/domestic machines.
50 needles (5 needles per pack x 10 packs).
Available in size #70/10, #80/12, #90/14, and #100/16 and an Assortment pack of all sizes.

Needles are prepacked in packs of 50 needles per style.
25% off through the end of the month. $52.42 (reg. $69.90).

So Fine #40 (variegated) for quilting.  This is the exact same thread type as So Fine #50 but in a #40/3-ply size and in variegated colors. We chose the top-selling colors from our other variegated color lines and created them in So Fine #40 thread.
 -- smooth, lint-free polyester
 -- one-inch color change intervals
 --1,650 yd. cones
35 variegated colors available now and more are in the works.

25% off through the end of the month. $16.46 (reg. $21.95).

Perfect Quilter  We need to make room for new products. All remaining stock of Perfect Quilter is less than half price.  Perfect Quilter is a #30/3-ply cotton and is being discontinued.  Available on both 300 yd. mini cones and 2,500 yd. cones.  Perfect Quilter is a heavier cotton thread and intended to be visible on your quilts.  Works well on home machines with a Topstitch #100/16 needle.  Some longarm machines (tight-tensioned machines) do not run it well.  Loosely-tensioned longarm machines are fine.
300 yd. mini cones $3.75 (reg. $8.99).  27 colors remaining. Less than half price.
2,500 yd. cones $10 (reg. $29.99).  6 colors remaining. Way less than half price.

50% off pure filament silk ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery.
Superior's Silk Ribbon is available in 3 widths (2mm, 4mm, 7mm).
30 beautiful variegated colors and some solid colors.
50% off this month.
Only $3.50 per pack (reg. $6.99).

Superior Sampler Sampler Sets   If you are not familiar with many of our products, we offer a variety of Sampler Sets at discounts of approx. 40% off.
Home Quilting Sampler Set
Longarm Quilting Sampler Set
Embroidery Sampler Set
Embellishment Sampler Set (for bobbin work/serger/couching)
Silk Sampler set

What I believe to be the most innovative quilting-related Internet company in the world is Websites For Quilters.  They also developed many websites in the quilting world including the FindMyFabric website and the Quilter's Daily Special website.  We use them and highly recommend them.  (This is an unpaid plug for them because we like the superior work they do.)  For more information, please click here.   They have designed hundreds of websites for quilting-related individuals and companies as well as non-quilting related websites.

A senior woman went to the doctor's office where she was seen by one of the younger doctors.  After about four minutes in the examination room, she burst out screaming as she ran down the hall.  An older doctor stopped her and asked what the problem was, and she told him her story.  After listening, he had her sit down and relax in another room.  The older doctor marched down the hallway back to where the young doctor was writing on his clipboard.
"What did you do?!" the older doctor demanded.  "Mrs. Terry is 71 years old, has four grown children and seven grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?"
The younger doctor continued writing and without looking up said, "Does she still have the hiccups?"

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