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Mid July 2014

superior threads newsletter
Why We Educate

superior university

We believe acquiring and applying correct knowledge is the key to sewing success. To help you succeed, we have three goals at Superior Threads:
1.  Design and provide the absolute best products.
2.  Provide the absolute best service.

3.  Educate the world about thread.

Heather (Mother Superior) is in charge of #1.  Our entire staff is responsible for #2.  Bob is in charge of #3.  

Together, we believe we can help you by providing a product, service, and knowledge that will make your sewing life better.  Too many times we have heard, “If only I had learned this years ago it would have saved so much frustration!” We teach success, offer success, and sell success.

Realizing that not all of our customers are able to attend a Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob seminar or a session at The Superior School of Threadology, we developed Superior University.  Think of it as independent study or correspondence study or distance learning.  

We remember . . . 
10% of what we read or hear,
50% of what we see,
and nearly 100% of what we do.

Superior University is 100% effective in that it provides hands-on guided experience.  With each monthly course, your knowledge and skills with using different fibers, thicknesses, and techniques will expand. The education gained through Superior University from hands-on experience will give you great ideas and increased confidence in your ability in your everyday quilting and sewing projects. 

Our Method  Each month we will send you a carefully designed project, including selected products. You will receive a simple pattern and easy-to-follow instructions to create a project.  Many projects will include a product or technique you may have never tried before. Well known Guest Professors also contribute to some of the projects.

Estimated Time Requirement  Only 30 to 90 minutes per project. You are not creating a masterpiece -- you are learning or reviewing a new technique and learning to use now products. 

Program Length  Superior University is an ongoing program. You may cancel at any time.

Actual comments from participants:

  • I am REALLY enjoying the projects and am amazed at what the different threads do.  I would NEVER have tried many of these threads on my own.  I'm a happy customer.  -Linda

  • I have enjoyed the program very much and have learned a lot about my machine, threads, and needles and will definitely recommend the program. It definitely stretches your imagination along with the challenge of doing something you might not try otherwise.  -Cindy

  • We have really enjoyed learning the various techniques and trying all the different threads. This has definitely expanded our repertoire.   -Carol

  •  The University courses were a great way to learn about new products and I thoroughly enjoyed them.   -Nancy

  • I have enjoyed receiving the projects and feel I have increased my knowledge and skills.   -Wendy

  • I have found this a great way of learning about new techniques and threads.   -June

  •  I will always recommend the University!  It’s like getting a special present every month.  -Janice

Seeing is believing. We have a Show and Tell page where students may show off their accomplishments and completed projects from Superior University.

The Small Print
Open enrollment. The next group starts in mid-September.  You may stop anytime (but we try to make these projects so valuable that you will continue for a long time).  No contract. No registration fees/federal excise taxes/dealer prep/fuel surcharges, destination charges, or other fast-talking hidden charges.

The cost  Only $16.95 which includes the simple project, selected products, and shipping (USA addresses).  Sales tax applies to Utah and Washington addresses.   

How do I enroll?  First, make sure you have a login account at If you don't have an account yet, please sign up. Once you have an account, simply go to the Superior University enrollment page and purchase the subscription. The first month you will have a one-time starter kit fee of $29.95 ($50 value) plus Course 101 tuition ($16.95). Shipping is included to U.S. addresses.  Subsequent months will be only $16.95.

Contact Trish with questions via e-mail or call 435.256.6416 or  877.505.4551 for the direct University enrollment phone line. 

BONUS.  Enroll now for the September start date and receive two FREE spools of our newest threads, a 500 yd. spool of Fantastico and a 500 yd. spool of Twist ($15.98 value).  We will include these in the September Starter Kit.  

What's New with Superior?

school of threadologyNEW School of Threadology class
October 6-8 & 9-10.
At our World Headquarters in St. George, Utah.
Judy Niemeyer class taught by Certified Instructor Kathi Carter

masterpiece threadNew color of MasterPiece prewound bobbins. Just in time for those Halloween quilts. MasterPiece color #120 CLEMENTINE. 
Extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton on cardboard-sided L-style bobbins.  One dozen  $11.49 1/2 gross (6 dozen) $59.00
monopoly bobbinsMonoPoly Class 15 prewound bobbins in SmokeMonoPoly is .004" (.1mm) in diameter (90 denier) = Very fine thread. 220 yds. per bobbin
1 dozen bobbins per pack, only $12.99
Specials and Sales

superior universityA BONUS for all who enroll now for the Superior University September start date.  Receive two FREE spools of our newest threads, a 500 yd. spool of Fantastico and a 500 yd. spool of Twist ($15.98 value).  We will include these in the September Starter Kit. See Education section above for details.


Try a thread you have never tried before.  For the first time ever, we are putting our Try Me Specials on a bigger FREEDOM sale.  They are already 30-50% off, but for the rest of July, they are an additional 50% off the already-sale price.  Try Me Specials are offered at a discount to make it easy to try new threads. Use Promotional Code tryme at checkout.
You choose the thread type, we choose the colors and you save up to 75% off this month.

King Tut (500 yds.) for quilting.  This month, the Try Me Special price $2.70 70% off
MasterPiece (600 yds.) , the best piecing thread in the world. This month, the Try Me Special price $2.70 70% off
Fantastico (500 yds.) for quilting and embroidery. $2.00 (reg. $7.99). 75% off
Bottom Line (1,420 yds.) for hand and machine appliqué, detail quilting, embroidery, stitch-in-the-ditch, bobbin thread, binding, free standing lace, heirloom sewing, serger thread, and garment construction. This month, the Try Me Special price is $2.50 (approx. 70% off).

Choose from over 50 products.
Just type tryme in the promo code box at checkout.

try me discount

Thread Therapy DVDFREE. If you have not yet viewed our educational DVD, Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob, we will give one to you absolutely free this month.  The regular price is $24.95.  The information contained in this DVD is guaranteed to solve 95% of thread-related frustrations. 
Contents: 1 hr. 45. min. Thread Therapy seminar recorded live at a School of Threadology event.  Self-certified Threadologist Dr. Bob teaches about thread characteristics (what makes a good cotton, poly, metallic, silk, monofilament, etc.), what labels are really telling you and not telling you, needles, tension, and much more. 
The DVD is FREE (it's worth way over $10,000).  If you order only the free DVD, you just pay shipping ($3.95 in the U.S. and $8.00 international).  If you order other products, simply add the DVD to an order.  Limit one per person please.

Bob's Superior Joke
Eddy was just a regular guy.  Except for the fact that he was an only child and the fact that his billionaire father was breathing his last.  Since Eddy was a soon to become a billionaire, he thought it wise to fine a nice lady with whom  he could share his riches.  Eddy approached his childhood crush.  “Hey Sandra, I may look like a regular guy, but soon I’m going to be a billionaire.  Do you wanna go out with me?"
“Yes, I would,” Sandra replied, “I would love to.”
Two weeks later, Sandra became his Stepmother.
surfing bob
Bob's Hawaiian Delivery
If you live in Hawaii, Bob will personally delivery your order for a most reasonable $750 shipping charge. Aloha. If you don't live in Hawaii, Bob is still willing to take your order there.
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