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Polyester Thread

Polyester ThreadPolyester is one of the most amazing fibers for threads. Polyester thread can be made to look like silk and can also be made to look like cotton. Polyester thread is one of the strongest thread fibers and is usually colorfast. Polyester thread fibers recover quickly after extension and absorb very little moisture. Polyester is heat resistant (iron safe up to medium heat), with a melting temperature of 460 degrees, and it is also resistant to chemicals and can be washed or dry-cleaned with most common cleaning solvents. In the sewing world, there are four types of polyester thread:

  1. Spun polyester thread is made by spinning or twisting together shorter lengths of polyester fibers. This is similar to the way cotton threads are made. These are then twisted together to produce a thread of the desired size. Spun polyester thread gives the look of a cotton thread but provides superior strength and durability. Our Poly Quilter is this type of polyester thread.
  2. Multi-filament polyester thread is a continuous fiber thread. This is the largest category of polyester and is also the strongest type of polyester. Multi-filament strands are twisted together to form a smooth, lint-free thread. The Bottom Line, So Fine, Brytes, and LAVA are examples of this type.
  3. Trilobal polyester thread is a multi-filament, twisted, high-sheen continuous fiber thread. It has the bright appearance of rayon or silk. Trilobal polyester thread fibers reflect more light and give an attractive sparkle to textiles. Our Rainbows, Highlights, Nature Colors, Super Brights, Art Studio Colors, and Living Colors threads are this type of polyester thread. It is not as strong as regular multi-filament polyester thread so one must choose between strength and high sheen.
  4. Texturized polyester thread is a common serger thread designed for sewing on polar fleece, minkee, knits, and stretch fabrics. It is often referred to as “woolly” thread. Our texturized polyester thread is Polyarn and has the bulk, elasticity, and flexibility popularized by "woollie-type" nylon, but has several important added features. Polyarn is colorfast and can be laundered commercially without fading. It is equally resistant to chlorine which makes this the best choice for children's clothing as well as swimming and active wear. The concern of "yellowing" associated with weathering and aging in nylon products is also avoided. Polyarn has a higher temperature resistance than nylon products, and is iron safe on low and medium settings.
  5. Poly-Wrapped Poly-Core thread (OMNI) is designed for longarm machine quilting, high-quality apparel and clothing construction, and serger applications.

Our Polyester Threads and recommended uses:

Spun Polyester Thread
Poly Quilter

Multi-Filament Polyester Thread
The Bottom Line
So Fine! #30
So Fine! #40
So Fine! #50
NiteLite ExtraGlow




Trilobal Polyester Thread
Art Studio Colors
Living Colors
Nature Colors
Super Brights

Texturized Polyester Thread

Poly-Wrapped Poly-Core

Other polyester thread
Glitter (metalized polyester hologram thread)
Superior Metallic (combination of silver foil and polyester)