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Bottom Line Color Card

The Bottom Line Color Card
The Bottom Line
Bottom Line is a 60 wt./2-ply lint-free filament polyester.  Bottom Line is a very versatile thread which can be used in many applications.
  • Available in 55 colors.
  • Ideal for hand and machine appliqué, detail quilting, embroidery, stitch-in-the-ditch, bobbin thread, trapunto, binding, free standing lace, heirloom sewing, serger thread, and garment construction.
  • Several colors blend into fabrics so well that they appear invisible.
  • Wonderful thread choice for micro stippling.
  • Available in cones and spools.
  • SuperBOBs are The Bottom Line thread wound on cardboard-sided bobbins available in L-style (118 yds.) and M-style (215 yds.) prewound bobbins.
  • BOB's are The Bottom Line thread wound onto plastic-sided bobbins and are ideal for hand appliqué.
  • SuperBOBs Donut is a collection of 35 SuperBOBs set into a BobbinSaver.
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Recommended Needle and Tension Settings

Home Machines: Topstitch #70/10. Set tension to 4.0.

Longarm Machines: #14 (MR 3.0).