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Glitter Glamour 400 yd. spools

Glitter  Color Card

Glitter Color Card


Glitter Glamour Hair Tinsel by Superior Threads

Hair Tinsel is a popular fashion trend of incorporating strands of thread (tinsel) into hair styles.  Hair Tinsel can be worn curly or straight.  Great for parties, holidays, and everyday use.

Superior's Glitter Glamour hair tinsel is flat/curling iron safe up to medium heat.  It can be washed, conditioned, and blow dried.  Glitter Glamour stays in place for an average of two weeks with normal daily activity.  Swimming and other activities may alter the appearance or cause the tinsel to fall out sooner. (Keep in mind that hair tinsel in general is delicate and can be subject to stretching and breakage if not treated correctly.)

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Why Choose Glitter Glamour?

  • Available in 24 colors.
  • Glitter Glamour is .25mm wide.
  • Finer and more mature-looking than other hair tinsel.
  • Glitter Glamour is wound onto 400 yd. spools. (2.5" in length)
  • No waste. Simply unwind the desired length and cut.
  • Can be used on any length of hair.
  • Much more cost effective than pre-cut hair tinsel.
  • Hologram effect adds sparkle and dimension.