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Shine bright with Glitter! Glitter is a flat, hologram mylar thread which has incredible shine. Available in 24 colors. Glitter is made from a 4-ply film (twice as strong as other mylar threads). Use a Superior’s Topstitch #90/14 needle and a reduce the top tension to 1.0 and Glitter is guaranteed to work.

  • Available in 24 colors.

  • Hologram effect adds sparkle and dimension

Recommended Needle and Tension Settings

Home Machines: Topstitch #90/14. Set tension to 1.0

Longarm Machines: #18 (MR 4.0).

What Our Customers Say About Glitter

Glitter is another thread that I wish I had more of.  Once again I only bought a few colors because I was sure I would say unlady like words while using it.  To my absolute amazement I did not have to cover the cat's ears.  I did not have one thread break.