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Try Me Specials

  • Try Me Specials are regular spools and products. Superior Threads does not have any 'seconds'. You choose the thread type, Superior Threads chooses the colors.  Try Me Specials are prepacked and offered at a discount to make it affordable to try new threads.  Prices listed are per spool/cone. If you order more than one spool, unless otherwise noted in the product description, the colors will be different. 
  • Limit 5 "Try Me" items per product.
  • Most likely you will receive some bright and contrasting colors as Try Me Specials.  The reason is so the thread is very visible as you try it for the first time.  We want you to see exactly how a particular thread will sew, how the tension looks, and how it will appear in your project.  If we were to send only soft, blending colors, it would be more difficult to judge the thread.

General Specials

  • We offer specials on a monthly basis.  We announce these specials through our Newsletter and Facebook page.
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What Our Customers Say About Us

We ordered thread 10 days ago, postal to NZ. Post cost under $10 for 15 cones of Magnifico. So good is your ordering system that it is possible to add items to the basket and see when the minimum postage is exceeded. The order arrived today. I know it is partly up to the vagaries of the postal system but 10 days is very good indeed. Such good service. Many thanks to those involved.