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Texture Magic Shrinking Fabric

Texture Magic is a steam-activated shrinking fabric made of polyester. The fabric shrinks 30% in all directions when steam is applied. After shrinking, result is permanent. Washer and dryer safe. Add dimension and eye popping texture with this easy to use fabric!

  • Once Texture Magic shrinks, it will stay in that state permanently.

  • Texture Magic shrinks 30% in all directions. View our conversion chart for details on how much Texture Magic to use for the finished size.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Your customer service is only surpassed by the quality of your products. We as a sewing group have learned wonderful things from the “University” projects. The needles are amazing, the MonoPoly is so wonderful and the Charlotte's Fusible Web---not sure if we will ever go back to any other products. Thanks to all at your company