Quilter's Slidelock Lighted Edge® Small 14 inches.

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Quilter’s Slidelocks are unlike any of the rulers quilters commonly use. When a quilter positions a Slidelock on fabric and pushes down on the center of the handle, rotary cutting magic happens; absolutely nothing moves. Not the fabric, not the Slidelock. Every width-of-fabric strip or quilt block piece is perfect.

Regardless of the color or type of fabric in use, when you place the Lighted Edge® Slidelock on your fabric, a well-lit clearly defined cutting guide edge appears.

  • Perfect for quilters who may not see as clearly as they once did.
  • Highlights all fabric colors, prints, and shades.
  • Excellent for use in dimly lit classrooms or anywhere lighting is a problem
  • The Lighted Edge® Slidelock base color will never fade or change. No batteries or bulbs required.
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