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Serger Thread from Superior Threads

ProLock Serger ThreadSerger thread comes in many different types. Superior Threads has several types of serger thread which make great additions to your projects.

  1. The first type is a general serger thread. We recommend Sergin' General
  2. Many people want a stretchy serger thread for their project. Our Polyarn thread or ProLock serger thread are perfect serger threads to use if you are looking for the stretchy, fluffy texture. Polyarn is a great product to replace “woollie-like” nylon products. Since Polyarn is a polyester thread, it has a higher temperature resistance, is colorfast, and doesn’t yellow over time, in comparison to nylon products. Polyarn thread is available in 36 colors and large quantities can be special-ordered in nearly any color. ProLock serger thread is a good option when higher strength is needed. ProLock serger thread is available in 60 colors.
  3. The third type of serger thread is decorative serging threads. Many people use our Halo thread as a decorative serger thread. Its metalized, textured polyester blend makes it colorfast and washer safe. This serger thread contains beautiful sparkle and adds a nice touch to serger projects. Due to the size of thread and its texture, Halo is not recommended as a needle serger thread. The thread will not pass through the eye of a needle.

Sewing on a serger allows for faster sewing, finishings on fleese & other delicate fabrics, and sewing on stretchy fabrics with ease.  Sergers are wonderful tools when it comes to hemming clothes as well.  The high-speed capability combined with blades for cutting excess fabric off blocks makes for a convenient and quick machine.

Sewing Thread Quilting Thread Embroidery Thread