Sew Complete Try Me Special Spool. 300 Yds. (Limit 5 Spools)

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  • Thread Weight: 50 wt./2-ply
  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Thread Characteristics: Excellent stitch quality for any general sewing application


  • Recommended For: Sewing


Sew Complete is a 50 wt. (standard sewing weight) poly-wrapped poly core thread which has been created specifically for crafting, general sewing, and home decor sewing.

Limit: 5 spools (unless otherwise noted, colors will be different). We choose the colors.

Reg. price $2.00

Recommended Needle: Home machines= #80/12 Superior Topstitch

Strong yet fine, your machine will enjoy smooth stitches with Sew Complete!

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