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Thread » Sew Sassy » Sew Sassy #3345 Mud Slide

Sew Sassy #3345 Mud Slide

Sew Sassy is a 12 wt. 3-ply spun polyester thread designed for quilting, topstitching, decorative stitching and wool applique. Sew Sassy is designed for both machine stitching and hand stitching applications. With a selection of 40 beautiful colors including bright, neutral, matte, and bold color options, you'll find the right color tone for your project. Due to a tighter twist, Sew Sassy is smoother, stronger and less fuzzy than other 12 wt. polyester threads
SKU: 107-01-3345

Product Details

Thread Line Sew Sassy
Thread Weight 12 wt. 3-ply
Put Up (Size) 100 yards
Recommended For Quilting, decorative stitching, and wool applique
Fiber Type Polyester