Sewing Thread

At Superior Threads, we have a large selection all types of threads for many sewing applications. One our of favorite thread types is sewing thread. We've been specializing in high-quality threads since 1998 with a focus on Superior Stitchability. A thread has to be able to perform well, by creating lasting stitches. When it comes to sewing, there are many types of threads, thicknesses (also called thread weight), fibers, and types available. How do you know what type of sewing thread to use?

A good sewing thread will have a few specific traits. It will be strong, it will be fine enough to blend between the layers of material, and the thread should hold up with the regular wear and tear. Whether you are sewing home decor projects, clothing, or craft projects, a high quality sewing thread will help you in the creative journey.

Sew Complete polyester sewing thread
Sew Complete corespun polyester sewing thread

Cotton Sewing Thread

Cotton is the most common natural fiber used in textiles. A good quality cotton thread will be strong enough to handle the tension of a sewing machine, displace only a little bit of lint, and not add bulk at the seams. The highest quality cotton used for thread construction is grown in Egypt and has extra-long staples. Staples are the little fibers that make up the collective cotton boll. Our MasterPiece cotton thread is made from Egyptian-grown cotton and undergoes special processing to eliminate excess lint. It's a 50 wt. thread, which makes it an ideal candidate for sewing projects since it's fine enough to not add any bulk at the seams.

Polyester Sewing Thread

Polyester sewing threads are another option to use in sewing projects. Some of the best polyester threads are made from corespun polyester fibers. Corespun polyester, also known as poly-wrapped poly core, is a blend of a strong filament polyester core that is wrapped in a spun polyester shell. Typically, polyester sewing thread is less expensive than cotton sewing threads. This is because the cost of the raw materials and processing is lower for polyester thread than cotton thread. Sew Complete is our corespun polyester sewing thread and a fantastic choice when it comes to sewing any project on a home sewing machine.

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