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Silk Thread That You Can Count On!

Silk ThreadSuperior Threads has built a reputation of quality threads and amazing customer service since 1998, and has recently added silk thread to its family of thread. Silk thread is an exciting addition because of its many wonderful qualities.

Superior Threads’ silk thread stands out from other types of silk thread due to the immense quality used to produce this fine thread. Our silk thread, like our other threads, is produced entirely in Japan. Japan has the technology and experience to create extremely high-quality silk thread. We trust those skills to produce our silk thread in dozens of magnificent colors.

Our silk thread is a #100 silk, which is a very fine, elegant thread. People choose to quilt with silk thread for various reasons. Quilters choose to use silk thread because of the nice sheen it provides. Many quilters also like to use silk thread for silk appliqué.  Because silk thread comes from natural fibers and is intricately processed, the expense of silk thread for some individuals can be daunting. But when quilters spend countless hours on their works of art, they want the finest materials to go into their masterpiece. Silk thread achieves this goal because of its reputation of quality and exclusivity.

Silk thread is not very strong, per se, because of its fragile natural fibers. But silk thread is very durable when used in sewing and quilting projects.  Silk thread has a shelf life that will outlast many other thread types, and it will maintain its composition for years to come.

Superior Threads’ silk thread is available in 80 beautiful colors, and can be purchased on 220yd spools or on 1,090yd mini cones. Our silk thread runs great in the top or bottom, and runs very smoothly on top with our Bottom Line or MasterPiece thread in the bobbin.

Superior's Silk Threads

Superior Threads' array of Silk Threads are the finest Japanese filament silk threads available.  Ranging in sizes from #100 to #16, you will find threads suited for hand/machine applique, quilting, embroidery, embellishments, and much more.

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