Clearance Products » So Fine! #40 Mystery Cone!
Clearance Products » So Fine! #40 Mystery Cone!

So Fine! #40 Mystery Cone!

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So Fine! #40 Mystery Cone!  Cone of So Fine 40! We choose the colors and you enjoy the savings. Order one, order 50. Once they are gone, they are gone!

So Fine! #40 is a 3-ply variegated polyester for quilting and embroidery with a 1-inch color-change interval. 

1,675 yd Cones

It's strength and medium sheen make this quilting thread ideal for any quilting application.

Color shown in photo not representitive of what you might receive.




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Product Details

Thread Line So Fine! #40
Thread Weight 40 wt. 3-ply
Put Up (Size) 1,675 yd. cone
Recommended For Quilting and applique
Fiber Type Polyester