Superior University

Superior University is an exciting and educational project of the month club designed for beginning and intermediate quilters. Each month, recipients will receive a package containing thread, pattern, and extras to create a project on a home sewing machine. The goal with each Superior University project is to learn something new. Whether that's sewing with a new thread type or learning a new technique, we have designed each project to emphasise quilting education.

Enrollment is currently closed. We are working on new courses and hope to open the next round of Superior University soon.

If you would like to be notified when enrollment is opened, please send us an email and we will notify you when the program returns.

Previous Superior University Projects

Superior University Apron Project
Superior University Quilt Blocks Project
Superior University Pillow Project
Superior University Hedgehog Project
Superior University Hot Pad Project
Superior University Visor Project

Thank you for visiting our Superior University page. We hope you will sign up to be notified when enrollment opens up. If you would like to collect your favorite threads at a 10% discount, please visit our Thread of the Month Club page.

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