Technical Textiles

Technical textiles are textile products designed for very specific applications. Technical textiles do not focus on the appearance of the product, but rather on the performance. For example, a thread used to make firefighter gear is more focused on being able to withstand heat than simply looking pretty.

Technical Textiles Sewn on New Materials

Technical textiles are used in a large variety of applications, such as high-temperature, high-strength, high-stretch, flame resistant, and many more. When you are working with specialty applications, the quality of the textile product is extremely important. Superior Threads can help you with your projects. If we don't have the product, Superior Threads will help you find it. Below are some of the technical textiles Superior Threads can offer:

  • Anti-Static Thread - We are able to provide anti-static thread in 9 different colors. This thread is used to reduce static cling and reduce electricity where static may be a concern.
  • Bag Closing Thread - Do you have a bag-sewing machine? We can provide the bag closing thread. We are able to provide FDA-compliant bag closing thread in polyester and cotton. Bag closing thread is available in 8 oz, 1 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb, and 20lb knotless cones.
  • Braided Thread - Superior Threads can provide braided thread in various colors and thicknesses. Braided thread is a high-strength thread and can be used for heavy-duty sewing, beading, and more.
  • Eco-friendly Thread - We can offer eco-friendly thread in sizes 30s/3, 50s/3, and 60s/3. The cones are available in 2,000 or 3,000m cones. Our Eco-friendly thread is 100% APEXA® fibers from DuPont which will decompose when composted.
  • Flame-retardant Thread - Several of our products can be prepared with flame retardant on them. If you need high heat, you can look specifically at our Kevlar®, or Nomex® thread.
  • Kevlar® Thread from DuPont- Kevlar® is an extremely strong thread. It is usually more than twice as strong as nylon and polyester threads and has a much higher heat tolerance. Kevlar® thread decomposes at 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it a good option for applications where heat is a factor. Kevlar® thread is available in its yellowish natural color.
  • Nomex® Thread from DuPont - Nomex® thread is also strong but has a slightly lower heat tolerance than Kevlar® and decomposes at 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Nomex® is available in natural color which is white.
  • Odor Extinguishing (or Odor Eliminating) Thread - This thread is used to reduce smells. Fluids, such as sweat and blood are captured in the thread, neutralized, and then broken down. Washing the garment restores the effect of the thread. This thread is available on 3,000m cones, is available only in off-white, and is a 50s/3 thickness.
  • Super Stretch Thread - This thread is designed when a very high stretch is needed. This thread has a 50% elongation. Many people will use a zigzag stitch with a normal sewing thread to get that extra stretch, but this thread allows you to get a similar result in a straight stitch. This thread is available in a #50 thickness and comes on 2,000m cones. We can provide it in white, black, and off-white.
  • Custom Threads - If you are having a difficult time trying to find a thread to meet your needs, we want to help. We have a large network and can almost always find the product you need.

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