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Sergin’ General: The Cleanest Serger Thread

  • Tex 30
  • Poly-wrapped poly core
  • 50 colors
  • 3,000 yd cones

Serger Thread is often overlooked when it comes to sewing. Most of us are used to buying whatever is on sale at the nearest shop (who doesn't love $2.99 bargains in the dusty bins?) and sewing with white, cream or black colors only. Times are changing and there now exists an array of thread choices to be sewn with a serger.

Over the past few years, our perspective on color, more specifically thread color, has really changed. The term, Neutral Colors, no longer means ONLY gray, cream, tan, taupe, white, and off white. All major colors in the color spectrum have a corresponding neutral tone. When sewing on a serger, I love sewing with a neutral blue when my fabrics are blue, a neutral red when my fabrics are red, and so on. With many blue, red, green, yellow, and purple fabrics to choose from, I find that using a neutral-tone color (neutral blue, neutral red, etc.) allows me to get a better match of thread-to-fabric. The thread seems to melt into the fabric and the seams blend together so well.

Why does this matter for Serger Thread? The purpose of Serger Thread is to blend. Normally, you don't want the color of your seam thread to contrast with the fabric. If you take a look at the clothes hanging in your closet, I’ll bet that most have a similarly-colored thread to the fabric.

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Sergin' General is a high-quality polyester serger thread available in 50 blending colors.

Sergin' General is specifically created for high-quality serging. Made from a poly-wrapped poly core construction to increase strength, stretch, and sewability, Sergin' General doesn't add bulk to seams and reduces puckering. We specifically chose 50 colors for Sergin’ General based on their ability to blend into multiple shades of fabric. Whether you're looking for a bold contrasting color or a blending tone which will melt into the seam, Sergin' General has a great color selection for all types of serger sewing.
So how does Sergin' General stitch? Like a dream, of course! It is a Superior Threads thread after all.

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