Thread » Tire Silk #50 #102 Pacifica
Thread » Tire Silk #50 #102 Pacifica

Tire Silk #50 #102 Pacifica

Tire Silk #50 #102 Pacifica 109 yd. spool. (Red Label) 50 weight, 3 ply filament silk thread. Tire Silk #50 is great for quilting and general sewing on home machines. It's available in 171 solid colors and is intended to blend in with fabrics.

Suggested bobbin thread: So Fine!

Recommended needle: topstitch #80/12 needle

Color: Blue

SKU: 136-01-102

Expected back in stock on 5/3/2024.

Product Details

Thread Line Tire Silk #50
Thread Weight 50 wt. 3-ply
Put Up (Size) 109 yards
Recommended For Quilting and sewing
Fiber Type Silk